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Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls

Gift ideas for 1 year old girls.
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100 Piece Set Magnet Building Tiles

Building tiles are excellent at developing children's creative instincts as they help to grasp an understanding of color, symmetry, 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes. They also help develop other skills such as an understanding of basic mathematics, magnetism, building and sorting. Many children play with the tiles alongside their ...

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Count 'n Play Cash Register Playset

Count ‘n Play Cash Register Playset

The Count 'n play register helps teach toddlers how to count, match shapes and identify colors. Playing with this toy is a fun way to practice basic math and improve fine motor skills. The brightly colored toy has three different colored coins, these coins can be placed into the correct ...

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Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

This trike has super cool Harley-Davidson styling that children love to ride in and go on adventures. The large pedals, easy-grip handlebars and stable wheel base help to make it simple to ride in. The seat is nice and comfy and even has a storage compartment hidden under the seat ...

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lego duplo play set


The LEGO DUPLO fun box has 65 colorful pieces that allow for fun, creative playtime. Get ready to hours of building and rebuilding as you introduce them to the world of Lego with these larger DUPLO pieces. There's a booklet which has a selection of buildings that you can ...

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magnetic safari animals

Magnetic Safari Animals

Let toddlers create and play with six wild animals - a Lion, Hippo, Rhino, Giraffe, Crocodile and an Elephant - all in different colors! There are 18 pieces in total that can be easily connected through magnetism to make the full range of safari animals. Children can also get ...

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Mr Potato Head Tub Set

Playskool Mr.Potato Head Tub Set

Grab a nose, a mouth, some eyes, and any other of the 15 pieces from the Mr Potato Head Tater Tub set and create funny characters with loads of laughter. With the tub you've got a better range of silly faces and expressions that can be created, and an ...

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very hungry caterpillar plush

Very Hungry Caterpillar Plush

Little ones absolutely love this Very Hungry Caterpillar plush toy, inspired by Eric Carle’s storytime favorite “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. The story of the caterpillar is a journey of eating a variety of food before eventually pupating and turning into a butterfly. It’s a great book to teach basics ...

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How We Chose These Gifts

Our team of reviewers have tested a huge range of popular gifts to see which ones their girls enjoy the most and have the important features that will help benefit their development. There’s a range of criteria we look out for when choosing gifts to include in our recommendations and we try to include presents from different interests so there’s something for everyone.

There’s such a huge selection of gifts available for 3 year olds on the market that it can be overwhelming and very time consuming to look through all of them. That’s why we’ve reviewed them to help narrow down the list by choosing the best rated gifts and our children’s favorites. Whether you’re looking for an outdoorsy gift for a girl who loves being active, or a creative toy for a girl that enjoys using her imagination, we have a wide variety to choose from.

We examined the developmental benefits of each toy, along with how much children enjoy them and other factors including age appropriateness and safety considerations. The quality of the manufacturing, the durability and the value for money were all considered. We’ve outlined out selection criteria below for how we chose the best gifts for girls aged 3.

Age Appropriateness

Toys have a recommendation age range in their guidelines, however, these can something be quite a wide estimate. Of course, different children develop at different rates and there’s no set rules, but there are some important things that we’ve considered when choosing our top picks. At 3 years of age, there are social and physical changes that allow them to use new toys. Complexity is an important consideration, you don’t want something that’s too complicated, but ideally you want to buy a gift that will challenge a child and help them to further their development. We’ve chosen gifts that can hold a child’s attention and allow them to interact with it for a long time to help them get as many hours of fun as possible from their present.

Social Development

When a girl is three years old she’ll become a lot more aware of her surroundings the people around her. In the first couple of years of a child’s life, many of their toys will be just for them as they focus on understand their basic senses of touch, sound and sight. At age 3, they are more capable of playing with others and and become more aware of the concept of sharing and teamwork.

This is a great age to get involved with building blocks or Lego Duplo because they can play with others to help create buildings and understand the value of teamwork. At this age children will learn the fun of playing with siblings and other people and their confidence will grow as they start to make their first friends. This playtime with others is a great opportunity for girls to grow their vocabulary and improve their communication skills. As these communication skills develop, their relationship with adults will become more inquisitive, and they’ll begin to ask questions as they look to learn more about the world

Physical Development

3 years is a landmark year for girls as they begin to develop from being a toddler to a child. The word “toddler” derives from the word “to toddler”, which means to walk unsteadily. At around this age, 3 year olds will become a lot stronger on their feet, which will open up new possibilities when buying them a gift. Often, 3 year olds will want something that allows them to be active as they try to use their muscles more and release some energy.

They’ll also have increased dexterity which will allow them to play with more complex toys that require them to clip things together or press smaller buttons. Their increased sense of awareness also allows them to play with smaller pieces than when they were a baby.

Type of Gift

It’s good for children to have different types of toy so they can discover more about their interests and help to develop different aspects of themselves. We’ve included gifts from different categories, to give parents a choice of what’s most suitable for their daughter. We’ve included categories such as animal related toys, creative gifts, sporty, plushie and more.

Creative & Imagination

Any toys with lots of pieces and options available are great for igniting a child’s imagination. Mr Potato Head has become a timeless classic because it’s simple to play with and there’s loads of fun variations that children can create and have fun with. Any toys that include characters are great to help children use their imagination as they can create different scenarios for them to help bring them to life.


The safety and quality of toys is supremely important when choosing a gift. We look at toys with the best safety considerations that are created by the most reputable manufacturers. Toys that are build to the best standards have less chance of breaking and there being small or sharp objects that could cause harm to children.

Buying the Best Gift for a Three Year Old Girl

3 year old girls tend to be active, energetic, and enthusaistic to play with others.This list of gifts are of tried and tested ways that a 3 year old can have fun and help to develop their key skills. We hope this guide can help you to save time and choose a present that a 3 year old girl will love!