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Gifts for Teenage Girls

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The Best Gifts for Teenage Girls

Let’s face it, teenage girls can be tough to buy the perfect gift for. Their quest to gain independence can mean they aren’t around as much as they used to be and so keeping up to date with their latest interests can be a real challenge. 

Due to the physical changes they go through during adolescence they can become very self conscious which can lead them to emotional ups and downs. This is why it is important to find the perfect gift to help them mature into a healthy young adults and even boost their confidence.

This can be a daunting task and can require plenty of research time and effort to find that perfect gift. Fortunately if you are reading this you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put in many hours of research and put together a list of top gifts from a range of categories that we believe are the best gifts you can buy for a teenage girl.

Our best gifts and how we select them

Our hours of research include looking through the top trending, highest rated and best reviewed gifts on the market today. We read through hundreds of reviews from parents about gifts and put together our own ratings based on the entertainment value, education value and quality of each gift. If it makes our list then we consider it to reach a high rating on each of these values.

We also try to pick a varied selection as no two teenagers are the same. Some gifts may be more entertaining while others may simply be cosmetic, sporty or even have educational value.

Developmental factors in a teenage girl

A teenage girl will be going through adolescence which is the change from a child into a young adult. During this time, there are some big changes that occur both physically and behaviorally. 

Teenage girls will also develop their cognitive ability during this time meaning they can now grasp abstract ideas and understand things like moral philosophies and higher math concepts which they couldn’t as a child.


Girls on average begin puberty from a younger age than boys do. During this time they will begin their change into physical maturity whereby their bodies change from that of a girl into a woman. Menstruation on average can begin from the age of 12, they will also have a growth spurt at any point during their mid teens. Other physical changes include breasts that can develop anytime during their teens and bodily hair will begin to grow during the early stages of their teenage years.


The sudden physical changes that teenage girls go through can have an affect on their behavior, causing them to become self-conscious. Due to this they can make comparisons between themselves and their peers which can sometimes cause them to become more sensitive about their appearance. 

Teenage girls will begin to separate from their parents and spend more time amongst friends and peers in order to gain more independence in a search for an identity of their own.


During adolescence cognitive ability will develop allowing them to think in an abstract way giving them the ability to make decisions based on their experience and knowledge and then being able to understand how their decisions can have certain consequences.


Teenage girls have the ability to develop mutual, healthy, long-lasting relationships due to their understanding of past experiences.They will learn to understand their feelings and develop the ability to analyze what it is that causes them to feel in certain ways. In the beginning of adolescence they will place high value on appearance which they only have certain control over causing emotional ups and downs, but as they mature they will learn to instead place more value on personality as they gain a stronger sense of their own identity.