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Gifts for Baby Girls

Gift ideas for baby girls.
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Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

Multiple chewy textures that soothes sore gums after being chilled in the fridge.

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Gifts for Baby Girls Buyer’s Guide

When you hear the news that a member of your family or a friend is expecting a baby girl it’s wonderful news. When the baby arrives into the world you’ll likely want to spoil her with gifts, but what are the best to get her? If you’ve not had a baby before then it can be tricky to know what to buy.

We’ve researched a huge range of baby gifts and selected our top picks that will be perfect to give the new addition to the family.

Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

Many parents agree that these Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys are a brilliant way to help stimulate your baby’s gums and provide relief from teething.

Simply place them in the refrigerator for long enough to cool them down, so that when your baby chews on them they provide gentle cooling on the gums.

They have a large grip making it easy for tiny hands, bright colors for visual stimulation and textured surfaces to further assist massaging and stimulation of the gums to help ease the teething process.

How we chose the gifts for this guide

We start with a long list of well reviewed and highly rated toys and gifts on Amazon that we then narrow down, paying close attention to reviews and feed back from our team of parents with hands-on experience.

We also consider how well each gift assists with healthy development, the entertainment value that each gift has to offer and the build quality or durability of each of the products.

As we remove the gifts that we don’t think make the cut, we end up with a much smaller list of gifts. We then include a short review and a link to where you can buy them.

Development at Different Ages

As the baby girl develops throughout her first year she’ll become capable of enjoying a wider range of gifts. Below we’ve outlined some of the changes that take place and what to expect across the different months leading up to her first birthday.

1-2 Months

After a baby is one month old they start to increase their movement, especially in their arm and hands. They’ll instinctively start trying to touch things and outstretch their hands towards you and waving. Her neck muscles will also start to grow as she becomes more able of holding her head up, albeit only for a short period of time.

3-4 Months

At this age the baby will start trying to roll over. They may get frustrated if they can’t do if at first, put they’ll get there eventually as she strengthens her core body muscles. Babies will be more eager to grab toys as well so you should be careful what you put within reach of the baby and try to just give her toys. She’ll also become more aware of her senses, so anything that helps to stimulate they will be great. This includes any nice textures, bright colors and sounds.

4-8 Months

By now the babies are beginning to gain a much stronger understanding of their senses and their motor skills. Their eyesight will become more finely tuned and they’ll start recognizing toys and people more easily. Plush toys with faces can become very popular at this age. She should have the strength to sit up by herself now and play with her toys more easily as her hands will be in front of her as she sits down.

8-12 Months

Once they’re approaching their first birthday they’ll be so much stronger and more aware than they were in the first couple of months of their life. Their physical development will have improved and she’ll be able to crawl and pull herself along. She might even be able to stand with assistance of either a toy, furniture or a person. Eventually she’ll pick up the strength and desire to start walking which is one of the biggest developmental milestones in a child’s life. If your baby hasn’t started walking by one year old then don’t worry, it’s very common for this not to happen until they’re 18 months old. In addition to this she’ll be able to follow simple instructions and may start to imitate adult life with her toys. Her motor skills will have increased and you’ll see she has greater ability to use toys that can be held with the thumb and finger.Baby girls gifts

Things to look out for when choosing gifts for baby girls


Whenever you let a baby girl play with a toy is needs to be 100% safe. You also should be careful of any items you leave near a baby as they don’t have an awareness of danger and will often put items in their mouth. For this reason, babies should always be attended and any gifts that include small objects that they could choke on are to be avoided always. Any material should also be safe to but in their mouth as they will chew on items as they are teething. Sharp edges should also be avoided as well as anything heavy.

Sensory development

Babies love discovering and growing their senses, and there’s a range of gifts that can help this. Visually they’ll love anything with smiling faces such as animal toys. Bright colors will also really help them with their sense of sight. Gifts that help with physical develop will include both toys that help them stand and that use their hands to operate. They won’t have fine motor skills just yet so any gifts will need to be simple to play with.


Look for gifts that are fun! Funny noises and bright colors will make a baby girl giggle and enjoy being in the world. We’ve tried to