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Gifts for Baby Boys

Browse our favorite gifts and toys for baby boys and see our buyer's guide below on how to choose a gift for a newborn up to 1 year old.
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Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

Multiple chewy textures that soothes sore gums after being chilled in the fridge.

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Gifts for Baby Boys Buyer’s Guide

A newborn baby boy will spend most of his time sleeping and gazing into the sky, but this soon changes! Before long babies get very active and they want to learn more about the world around them. Getting a baby the right gift can really help stimulate their growth and development whilst keeping them smiling. Babies will start getting restless after a while and introducing a new gift or toy is a great way to entertain them.

Browsing the internet or walking the aisles of a toy store can be an overwhelming experience! There’s such a huge range of gifts to choose from, and worst of all, every one says they’re the best for the child you’re buying it for. Our team have tried, tested and researched a huge range of gifts and have selected our favorites based on a range of criteria. The gifts we’ve chosen are ones that we feel baby boys will have fun playing with, but that will also give the the best help with their development.

Caterpillar & Friends Play Gym

Let babies explore and have fun on this brilliant soft interactive play mat. The Baby Einstein Caterpillar and Friends Play Gym allows babies to discover and develop their senses with an array of multi sensory toys for them to engage with by seeing, touching and hearing. Babies can lie in the middle and enjoy the light effects, bright colors, baby-safe mirror, sounds and animals including a happy frog and bear.

Babies can wiggle the star to active the lights and music. There are 8 melodies in total and babies can hit or kick the toys to make them dance. The mat is machine washable and the lightweight design of the mat makes it easy to transport, which makes life easier for parents! Overall we love this fun toy which gives hours of joy to babies as they engage their senses.

Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

The Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys is a popular and affordable baby toy that allows your baby to learn through play. Your baby will have lots of fun being visually stimulated while also exercising their teeth, gums and hands. The keys contain multiple soft textured surfaces that assist with the growth of new teeth through their sensitive and delicate gums helping your baby through the difficult teething process.

The toy’s developers have stated that the toy can be used for baby’s of age 3 months and upwards and that the keys are designed to sooth, clean and massage sensitive gums and to aid the strengthening of newly formed teeth.

The First Years My First Rattle

The multicolored and multi-textured circular bug rattle is a really popular gift for newborns. Babies love grasping and putting things in their mouth, so this easily graspable and soft surfaced toy is perfect and safe.

Newborns love to grab the toy and the gentle rattling sound that it makes. the legs have a different crinkly material whilst the body of the toy is soft and won’t be painful if they drop it on their head.

It’s a great toy to encourage and help develop a child’s first grasping and physical skills and is a toy they’ll be able to keep with them and hold on to wherever they are.

What to Look for in a Gift for a Baby Boy?

There are a lot more things to consider when buying a gift for a baby boy, such as the material, safety, how it affect development, how fun it is and much more. We’ve assessed all these factors when choosing our top picks and have explained these below in more details to help you understand why we recommend these gifts.


Toys that appeal to a number of senses can help babies explore and develop their senses. Toys that have interesting visuals such as bright colors or cuddly toys with facial expression are great for understanding sight. Toys that they can chew, toys that make sounds or have different textures will all help to improve their senses and toys that multiple of these features have been proven to help even more.


Babies are very limited in the early stages of their life with their movements so any toys should be easy to operate to enable and encourage them to play with it. If the toy requires buttons, they should be large and easy to press. Too many options will overwhelm and possibly confuse the baby, so stick to simplicity until they’re a bit older and have increased the fine motor skills and comprehension.

Physical Development

Plushie toys are amazing and are a must have for babies – but you also need to have toys that require some physical activity to get them moving. They’ll want to start moving and develop their muscles across their body before they’ll eventually learn to crawl and start improving their fine motor skills.

Grows with them

Lots of gifts for babies are actually suitable for 2 or 3 years or even more and can be used slightly differently as the baby gets older. As a parent this will save you money whilst still providing entertainment for the child. This is especially true of plushie toys that they can become very attached to.


When a boy is a baby he’ll be creative as he looks to discover his skills and understand new concepts. Toys that encourage his imagination and offer some flexibility in how they play will be perfect for this. At this age they won’t be able to do anything complex or that requires fine motor skills, but something like building blocks are simple but will help them to be creative when they are just a few months old.


Safety is the number one consideration when choosing a gift. Babies will often put things in their mouth and chew on toys, so you can’t allow them to handle anything toxic or and small pieces that they could choke on. If you’re buying a gift, look at the components of the toy and see if there are parts that could fall apart that could be a choking hazard such as screws that aren’t securely fitted. If there are then don’t take the risk and get a toy that you’re comfortable is safe or save it till they’re a bit older.


Newborn babies are very uncoordinated and will often drop things on their face when they’re lying there. For this reason it’s important to have soft toys so that they don’t hurt themselves. Any sharp edges should also be avoided when choosing a gift. Anything that has rounded edges or is made of soft material such as a cuddly toy will be a great choice.


These are some of the main factors we’ve considered when compiling our top picks for gifts for baby boys. We hope this buyer’s guide is useful and you’re able to pick a gift that will prevent your baby boy from crying and help to to take those first steps towards growing into a child.