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Gifts for 9 Year Old Girls

Gift ideas for 9 year old girls.
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Dosoni Girl Cartoon Socks

These adorable socks are high-quality with different animal designs to choose from.

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Silicone Kitty Night Light for Kids

Use the remote to choose from 16 colors for a super cute night light.

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Balancing game for all the family. Add pieces but don't let it topple over!

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Tachikara Volley-Lite

Lightweight ball that’s great fun for playing with outdoors and soft enough for kids.

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How to choose a gift for a 9 year old girl?

Your little girl has now turned 9 and I bet you can’t believe where the time has gone. She will be losing baby teeth and will be growing considerably this year. Girls tend to develop a little faster than boys, so it is important to monitor your little girls development so that you can keep up with her needs. At this age she will have developed strong friendships and will have a good interest in school. She may be making plans and wanting to arrange time with friends, which is a brilliant opportunity to introduce games they can play together. She will be maintaining good conversations by now and you will notice a huge improvement in her communication skills. She will be more independent and you must allow her to have some freedom, although it can be difficult at this age.


Encouraging exercise through play is crucial at this age since your little girl will take some valuable life lessons with her in to adulthood. Children should form healthy habits early on so that they can take these skills with them as they get older. Introducing a sport is a great way to encourage a healthy lifestyle. You can try introducing your little girl to roller skating, soccer or tennis. Team sports are great for developing social skills as well as providing physical activity.


You might have already recognised your daughters creative talents, however if you haven’t, now is a good time to explore and encourage her creativity. Music is a great way to encourage creativity and inspire confidence. If you haven’t already, consider introducing your daughter to piano, guitar or violin. If you daughter listens to music, show her what instruments are being played in her favourite songs, that’s always a good way to peak interest in an instrument. You may also consider arts such as painting, drawing or modelling.


There are many things we have already discussed that will improve your child’s confidence. Team sports and musical creativity will be a great tool for building confidence but there is a lot more to consider. Ensure you provide nourishment with other talents like books and other interests you see she has taken on. If your daughter is good at a particular talent, nourish that talent and encourage her to progress with it. Confidence is often born from recognition and appreciation so make sure you take great notice of her skills and efforts. She will likely be trying to impress you at something, so don’t miss it!


Arts and crafts are a brilliant way to improve your child’s dexterity so it is a good idea to encourage this sort of play as soon as you can. Musical instruments can also improve dexterity since instruments involve hand movements and coordination. There are so many choices if you consider arts and crafts so make sure you look at all possibilities. There are models which allow your child to create robots, fashion items and hair styling. Maybe your daughter would enjoy an explorers kit so that she can explore the outside and discover insects and animals.


Your daughters brain and cognitive skills are strengthening and improving by the day so it is so important to challenge and keep up with her progression. There are so many books and amazing authors to choose from so make sure you pick something that will have your daughter hooked so she keeps on reading. There are also many board games or table games you can buy that will encourage knowledge based play which are also team games which will improve social skills.

Social Skills

As mentioned, we talked about sports, which are a great way to encourage your daughter to be social. Team sports and board or table games are so very crucial to improve social skills, skills that will be useful when your little girl gets older. Skills developed now will be taken in to adulthood and will form the basis of their development for many years to come. Social skills can also be achieved through playstation, PC or Xbox games but it is crucial that you encourage face to face, physical play and not just allow your child to socialise online.