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Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls

Here's our specially selected range of the best gifts and toys for girls aged 8. Our team of parents have chosen the most loved toys that will help improve crucial developmental skills.
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WEKAPO Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

WEKAPO Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

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Considering a gift for an 8 year old girl?

Choosing the right gift for an 8 year old girl can be tricky at first as there is so much to consider, but hopefully after reading this guide we’ve put together we can save you some time and help you make the perfect choice. At the age of 8, some girls can mature quite quickly and you may find that some gifts may be too simple or too young for them, so if you’re not sure, it’s best to look at gifts that span multiple age groups with 8 being the minimum. This will ensure the longevity of the gift meaning it will be useful in years to come. We have carefully selected a number of gifts for your 8 year old girl to aid in the healthy development of each of the following areas; knowledge, creativity, confidence, social and physical development.


Children can very quickly outgrow gifts and toys due to their rapid development from child to teenager and consider some toys that may have seen much use in that past ‘babyish’ or ‘childish’ in their mind. This is nothing to worry about, in fact is is a positive sign that your 8 year old girl’s brain is developing normally and that it is worth considering new gifts that help continue this development. The best way to do this is to look at mentally challenging gifts such as puzzle games as well as increasing their knowledge with books, general knowledge games or something like science and chemistry sets.


Creativity can be expressed in so many different ways and through most toys and gifts that require choice to use, such as construction based toys like Lego or art and craft based items. If you notice your 8 year old girl is taking an interest in music then this is a good age to consider an instrument like recorder or keyboard or perhaps a microphone or karaoke kit if she enjoys singing. You may also find that your girl aspires to be the woman she will someday become and start taking an interest in beauty and makeup items and so consider crafting kits so she can make her own necklaces and bracelets or find different ways to style her hair. These gifts are especially great because they can be enjoyed individually or socially when she is with her friends.


Confidence will play a key role in your 8 year old girl’s life, not only as she grows into adulthood, but for the rest of her life. Confidence comes from knowing your best talents and so it is extremely important to nurture these as well as possible. For this you will need to know what she is good at, for example if she is good at sports then buying sports based gifts would allow her to practice at home so that she can improve or if the show a talent for a musical instrument then practice is key. It is also important to positively reinforce your girl when she displays her talent as this allows her to enjoy what she does best and therefore gain confidence in it.

Social development

skills can only really develop by being social and so encouraging your 8 year old girl to spend time around other people and especially children of her age. You may find that your girl enjoys spending many hours in front of the TV and that it’s a good way of keeping her entertained, but you must be careful if this becomes excessive as watching TV is a passive activity and social skills are not being developed during this time. If possible, consider gifts that would allow her to take part in with other children, such a board games, sports activities or dress up play as this will allow her to develop important social skills while also having fun.

Physical development

It is important to make sure your girl gets plenty of activity to keep her physically healthy and prevent any future health related issues such as obesity. Again, limiting screen time and encouraging her to get outside from time to time can help with this and ensure then she quality time where she is actively engaged. Consider outdoor gifts such as balls, frisbees, water pistols, trampolines, swings or paddling pools.