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Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls

Gift ideas for 7 year old girls.
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Razor A Kick Scooter Pink

A high quality aluminum fordable scooter that can be easily adjusted for the perfect ride height.

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Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls Buyer’s Guide

So it’s your 7 year old girl’s birthday or Christmas and you have no idea what to get her? If she hasn’t told you or you’re not getting any clues then this guide containing ideas and gifts for 7 year old girls is a good place to start.

Razor A Kick Scooter

It’s easy to get in the habit of staying in and watching TV, but a great way to encourage active play and to get your 7 year old girl to get outside and reduce screen time is with sporty or active gifts.

The Razor A Kick Scooter does just that. It does everything any other scooter does and more.

It’s made from extremely high quality and durable aluminum. It has a really smooth ride allowing it to glide further and has a handy rear fender brake to make stopping easier.

It can be easily adjusted for different heights and folded away neatly when not in use. Just take a look at the reviews for yourself, it’s one of the highest rated kid’s scooters available and for good reason.

How we selected these gifts

We’ve selected gifts that we consider high in entertainment value, assist with healthy developmental factors and are good quality. We also try to be realistic and select gifts that don’t break the bank too.

Some of the gifts we select are for to be used in a group such as multiplayer games for the healthy development of social skills and even confidence building. We also include something sporty or active to assist with physical development and fitness, while other gifts are more geared towards creativity or knowledge building.

The gifts we select are highly rated and well reviewed both by parents with hands-on experience and online reviews. We also update our gift selection regularly to keep in line with what’s currently trending.

Developmental factors to consider when buying a gift for a 7 year old girl

Now that your little girl has turned seven, you must consider all the changes in her personality and ensure that you are giving the correct sort of stimulus and nourishment to help her develop into a healthy joyful child. She will be becoming more active, more adventurous and independent as time goes on. You might see that she is beginning to need a little more room and that you are having to trust them to do things on their own. If you are not completely sure what to purchase, do not fret, since all you need to know is here. We can assist with your options and put you on the best path.


Your little girl is growing older by the day, it is now the time to provide her with the bigger sorts of toys. She may be interested in trying out a bike, skateboard or what about a lovely pair of roller skates? There is really no need to worry about safety, because there are loads and loads of options when it comes to safety gear and you should absolutely make sure your little girl wears a helmet. You might want to encourage her to wear wrist guards, knee and elbow pads. It may also be time to introduce your child to a sport like football since sport is a great way to keep your child fit. Healthy body means a healthy life, so whenever you can, promote physical play and above all, make it fun!


Your little girl will need to be provided with more complex tools now that she is 7. You can begin by supplying your little girl with top quality paints, pencils or crayons. There are some brilliant arts and craft options for children of this age. Take a look at models available, your little girl may enjoy creating their own robot, building or aeroplane. There are many awesome engineering inspired model toys to consider a long side these. Don’t forget about musical creativity, there are great options available for your little girl to try. Try taking them to a music shop to try out different instruments and then research online for the best quality and prices.


It’s important to observe your little girl and discover about her personality so that you can give her what she needs to progress. If your little girls only wants to play indoors, encourage her outside with games that involve other children. You child may be interested in video games, since it is so popular to play online these days, but make sure they are communicating with other children (especially if they are playing online). If you notice that your little girl has a talent for something, encourage and buy gifts that promote that talent. Your little girl may be good at something that you haven’t spotted yet so don’t be afraid to introduce something new.


Challenging your little girl is so important, especially when they get into a schedule and start to be more independent. But of course, it is so important to monitor your child’s development and encourage play that betters all parts of their physical capabilities. Make sure you encourage play that involves building, creating and constructing to increase your child’s coordination and dexterity.


As much as we want to encourage a healthy lifestyle through play, where we promote physical and outdoor play, it is equally as crucial to nourish their minds through play. Books are a must have item for every child. There are so many books available for your little girl providing all kinds of genres and themes. You know your child the best so introduce her to an author and hope they get addicted to a good series. It might be a good idea to introduce games that use words, general knowledge and world information to create fun games to play with family and friends.

Social Skills

Your little girl would have been going to school for quite awhile now and possibly went to preschool or kindergarten. It is a great idea to introduce games that involve other participants so that your little girl can develop and communicate with other children. This kind of activity will provide important communication skills required to develop into adulthood. Games can involve physical activity or they can involve knowledge based play such as board games. There are an array of board games and physical play games available to purchase so you will be spoilt for choice.