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Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls

Gift ideas for 6 year old girls.
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The Best Toys and Gifts for Girls Aged 6

Your little girl has now turned 6, you will be wanting to look at different and challenging toys you can give to your child on birthdays and christmas (or just for a treat for being a good girl!). She will have a little personality that you are noticing more and more each day, of course not all children are the same but I am sure you know your child very well by now. Below are a few things to consider and options to help you with purchasing the perfect gift for your little girl.


Now that your little girl has started school, she will be getting introduced to all sorts of different things. It is crucially important that you keep the books at home up to date and in line with your little girls reading age. All kids develop at different rates so it is important to monitor your little girl’s reading level and make sure to challenge her, but make sure that learning remains fun. It would also be a great time to introduce your little girl to a tablet, computer or games console. There is a fantastic range of kid’s games available on many different consoles. Take a look at the Nintendo switch or Wii for example. There are many games for children and adults to enjoy together!


Your child’s confidence will be developing day after day and you will see changes in her social ability as you watch her with her friends. It is so important to influence and encourage your little girl’s to move outside of her comfort at times, especially if you see that she is not as social as other children. All children are different and there is nothing wrong with being shy but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to bring them out of their shells. Mulitplayer games, board games or anything that involves other participants is a great way to build your child’s confidence.


Now that your little girl is getting older, you can begin to introduce toys that are a bit more grown-up. Your little girls might love parks, sand boxes and other outdoor play areas. There are amazing options for outdoor and indoor play houses, tunnels and slides for example. This sort of play with better your little girls general health. There are brilliant climbing frames available for children this age and it is a great idea to have this sort of thing in your garden or playroom. She will likely sleep very well at night if you encourage regular exercise through play.


You must encourage your little girl to be creative through music, art or dance. Your child may enjoy the piano, guitar or maybe a violin. She may also enjoy painting, sculpting and drawing. Arts and crafts are an amazing way to encourage creativity and this sort of play can be very fun and rewarding. Warning, you may end up with a lot of pretty decorations around your kitchen! You must explore your child’s talents over everything else. Don’t presume she will enjoy something, let her try out a few things and make up her own mind. She will likely enjoy something more if she sees her own talent in it.

Social Skills

When it comes to socialising, your child needs nourishment and development throughout their young lives. Not all children are the same but it is still crucial that you encourage your little girl to socialise, it will help them when they are fully grown. It is important for young girls to have all kinds of friends so don’t limit your little girls playtime with just other girls, encourage her to play with boys too. A great way to socialise children is with games but what may be more fun are outdoor activities. Have a look at outdoor games and playhouses.


Introduce exercise into your little girls playtime as much as you can. It is very important that this sort of habit is developed at an early age because your child’s health will benefit as she gets older. If you let your child to play video games, all day every day then that is what they will continue to do throughout their young adult lives. Video games are great fun but we must encourage physical play through toys and activities.