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Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys

Gift ideas for 6 year old boys.
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Plugo Count STEM Math Game

Plugo Count STEM Math Game

This AR powered STEM Math and Puzzle game turns your tablet into a hands-on educational learning system.

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A Guide to Top Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys

Once your little boy turns 6, you will be thinking about what new and exciting toys you can introduce in to his life. He will have so much more to say, so much more he wants to do and will be displaying a lot more of his personality.

To save you the time and the headache of browsing and reading up on toy and gift reviews we’ve put together this guide to help you find the best gift for 6 year old boys.

RASTAR 1/14 Scale Ferrari Radio Remote Control Car

This remote control car is a scale replica of a classic Ferrari. It’ has fine detail with working headlights, tail lights, doors that open and intricate interior. It’s a zippy toy that accelerates quickly and is fun to drive. The detail is amazing for the price and it’s a toy that kids don’t just have fun playing with but that they can treasure.

It weighs just 2 lbs and can reach speeds of up to 10 mph. Kids can drive it at a distance of up to 30 ft but it requires 5 AA batteries to run which aren’t included in the box. It’s a bargain when you consider the quality of the design and the fun that kids have when playing with it!

How these gifts were selected

When we select these gifts we always take the developmental factors, quality and entertainment value into consideration. We also select a variety of gifts from varying categories such as creative, skilful, sporty, imaginative and adventurer.

We then give the gifts ratings based on popularity, Amazon reviews and take into consideration the opinions of real parents who’s kids have had experience with these toys and gifts.

When it comes to choosing the right gift based on healthy developmental factors, there are the following considerations and options that will help you with buying the perfect gifts for 6 year old boys.


Your little boy would have started school by now and will be introduced to new knowledge and activities everyday. It is important to keep the books in your home up to date and in line with your child’s reading age. Children develop at different rates so it is important to monitor your child ability and ensure you challenge your son, but make sure that learning remains fun. It would also be a good idea to introduce your child to tablet, computer or games console. There is a fantastic range of children’s games available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.


You may have noticed how your child’s confidence is developing. It is very important to influence and encourage your little boy to move outside of his comfort zone sometimes, especially if you see that they are not as social as other children. All children are different and there is nothing wrong with being shy but that doesn’t mean you should try to bring them out of their shells. Group games, board games or anything that involves multiple participants if the perfect way to build your child’s confidence.


Now that your little boy is getting older, you can start to introduce toys that are a little more grown-up. Your little boy might enjoy physical activities like building, sand boxes or outdoor play areas. There are fantastic options for outdoor play houses, tunnels and slides for example. This sort of play with improve your little boys physical health, fitness and dexterity. There are brilliant climbing frames available for children this age and it is a great idea to have this sort of thing in your garden or playroom.


This is a great age to introduce your little boy to another language. You can introduce languages from as young as 10 months and scientists believe the younger the child, the more they are able to absorb languages. There are plenty of games and books available for introducing your child to another language so go for it!


The creative side of your little boy must be explored and nurtured. Creativity is so important in development and it can play a huge role in your little boys future. Ways to nurture his creative side may be by introducing an instrument. Electric drums can be a great gift for a young boy (especially the kind with headphone capabilities!). Maybe other instruments such as a keyboard, guitar or bass. Boys may also enjoy arts and crafts, moulds and building. It is up to you to discover your little boys talents and encourage them.


It is extremely important to provide your child with toys that engage all of their senses. Think about the way something feels (materials), what scent does it give out and what it sounds like. Exposing the senses to all different things will introduce an all new dynamic to their environment and may serve as a tool in keeping their attention.

Social Skills

Socialising is very important and a crucial part of your little boys development. Not all children are the same but it is still important to encourage your child to socialise, it will help them when they are fully grown. It is important for young boys to have all kinds of friends so don’t limit your little boys playtime with just other boys, encourage them to play with girls too. A great way to socialise children is with games but what may be more fun are outdoor activities. Have a look at outdoor games and playhouses.


Incorporate exercise into your child’s playtime whenever you can. It is very important that this sort of habit is formed early because your child’s health is very important. If you allow your child to play video games, all day every day that is what they will continue to do throughout their young adult life. Video games are great fun but we must encourage physical play through toys and activities.