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Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls

In this guide we’ve put together a list of the best toys and gifts for 5 year old girls to help save you time. This list of gift ideas has been carefully put together with the help of our team of parents who have hands-on experience with only the highest rated gifts available on Amazon. We hope this guide saves you time and either inspires or helps you find the right gift that will both entertain and aid in her development for many years to come.
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Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper

Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper

This jumping, squeaking pogo hopper is made from quality durable foam making it safe for indoor and outdoor fun.

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A guide to help you find the best toys and gifts for 5 year old girls

Once your little girl turns five, there is much to consider when selecting toys as gifts. You may have noticed how much smarter she has become and how much she is now engaging with the world around her.

So many skills are being developed at this point from the physical to the social and creative. It is really important to choose gifts that assist in the health development of these areas, but at the same time are fun and entertaining.

This can be tricky and take quite some time reading through reviews, checking the latest trending gifts for 5 year old girls in order to make sure your money isn’t wasted. To save you time, we’ve put together a list below of ideas we believe make great gifts for 5 year old girls.

Ansel LCD 10 Inch Drawing Tablet

When people mention tablet it is easy to think of higher priced tech like an Ipad, but with the Ansel LCD Drawing tablet this is not the case.

It’s a simple electronic drawing pad that is brilliant value for such a low price. It includes a stylus, lanyard, manual and built in battery.

It’s also sturdy and durable enough to be used by small kids and brilliant for allowing them to get creative and visualize their ideas.

This is a great gift for a 5 year old girl. With battery life lasting up to a year before it needs replacing, she will be able to continuously draw and erase with cool rainbow color effects and enjoy endlessly with no need to waste any paper.

IQ Challenge Set

What better way to stimulate your 5 year old girl’s mind with this IQ challenge set of brainteasers.

The set includes 7 different challenges, of which five are puzzle balls, one is a metal wire puzzle and the other is a wooden cube puzzle.

They have been designed to challenge your kid’s intellect in different ways helping them learn and develop a wide array of problem solving skills.

They are also great fun and can bring about a sense of achievement and self confidence upon completion.

The set includes a problem solving manual too in case any cannot be solved or whether you want to guide your 5 year old through the puzzle solving process with clues.

Disney Princess Necklace Activity Set

This Disney Princess Necklace Set is a plastic carry case containing a mix and match of Disney themed items that are used to make custom necklaces.

It contains different color silicone necklaces, beads in a variety of shapes and Disney character charms.

It’s a brilliant gift for a five year old girl allowing her to get creative making her very own unique custom necklace.

There are many other necklace sets to choose from too including Frozen, Barbie, My Little Pony and more.

Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper

This foam pogo jumper from Flybar is a great gift idea for a 5 year old girl.

Both the handle bars and lower section are made of foam so it’s safe for both outdoor and indoor use, while it’s quality heavy duty components means it’s built to last.

The durable foam makes it bouncy and each jump makes funny squeaking noises too.

She’ll have so much fun bouncing around while keeping fit, healthy and getting quality time away from the TV and sofa.

Unicorn Coloring Book

This Unicorn coloring book is exactly what it says it is, a book filled with unicorn drawings ready to be brought to life and colored in.

There’s loads of different unicorns in different settings with castles, skys, rainbows and more.

All you need is a pack of multicolor pens or crayons to bring the pictures to life.

If your 5 year old girl is happiest when she’s getting creative then this could be the perfect gift.

JaxoJoy Complete Kids Cooking and Baking Set

This premier chef baking set includes a kid’s sized chef’s hat, apron, oven mitts, wooden spoon, rolling pin, whisk and cookie cutters.

The oven mitts and apron come in a cute pink and white polka dot pattern and the chef hat is perfect sized for little heads.

The set allows your 5 year old girl to get imaginative while pretend and role playing the part of a pro baker.

Not only will she look great and have fun, but she’ll be able to help Mom and Dad out in the kitchen too.

This really is a great gift for 5 year old girls and will provide endless hours of entertainment.

Soft Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe Sleepwear

These soft unicorn hooded bathrobes have received so many great reviews and are really popular among young girls.

They look adorable with their little unicorn faces on top of the hood and the polyester materiel makes it feel really soft and comforting.

There’s loads of different pattern and color options to choose from each with their own style and charm.

There’s no doubt these bathrobes make great gifts for 5 year old girls and allow them to either bring out their imagination with hours of role-play fun or just feel comfortable in them when relaxing at home.

LEGO Juniors 10667 Construction

Not all girls want to play with “girly” toys, which is why we included the Lego Juniors Construction set.

The set includes a large bucket for storing all the Lego pieces and you can build a construction truck, SUV, wrecking ball and crane.

There’s also other pieces to make up the construction scene such as a wheelbarrow and demolition wall.

As with all Lego no kid is limited by the suggested building items, so they can bring their imaginations to life and create anything they want.

The handy bucket is a great way to store all the Lego when not in use and keep it all together, especially if other Lego sets are bought over time meaning even more Lego to get creative with.

How we chose the gifts for our guide

Hundreds of hours of research and feedback from real parents helped us to make our best gifts for 5 year old girls guide. We also pay close attention to gift and toy ratings and what’s currently trending.

After reading through all the reviews from real parents we generated a huge list of great gift ideas for girls age 5. We then decided to narrow down the list so we could review certain products ourselves and eliminate any we didn’t feel gave the best entertainment value or helped with positive development of certain skills.

As we continue to work hard reviewing gifts we aim to add more gifts to our list selecting only what we perceive to be the best. So, if any of the gifts you have seen on this guide or throughout our site has helped you to find a great gift then please check back regularly and recommend us to friends and family. Also feel free to contact us if you’re still struggling. We’re parents too just like you and are happy to help and make sure your kid is happy and that your money is well spent.

Below is a list of developmental factors we consider important. We try to incorporate each of these factors through our selection of top gifts.


When choosing the best toys or gifts for 5 year old girls, consider how your girl is reacting to the world around her. It may be worth buying toys that suit their skills to aid her development and strengthen her confidence. Kids may find pleasure in music, art or building for example. Figure out what your 5 year old girl is best at and feed her confidence through play.


Although it is important to encourage your 5 year old girls strengths, it is equally important to challenge their weaknesses. If you see that your child is finding it difficult to communicate with others, try providing games that involve multiple participants. Board games, physical games or role playing games are all good ways to influence communication through play. There are so many different types of games in this category so choosing the right games for 5 year old girls should not be too difficult.


The best quality 5 year old kids toys will without doubt be tested and tried before going on sale. That said you must still always consider your 5 year old girls individual needs, because every child is different and buying toys may require a little more thought and consideration.  The age of a child is crucial because if you choose a gift that is for older children, toxicity may be an issue. Small parts are a choking hazard so always ensure you buy the correct toy for the required age.

Social Skills

There are a variety of indoor and outdoor games, multiplayer toys and gifts for 5 year old girls available. Selecting toys or games that encourage them to participate with family and friends is a great way to develop your little girls social skills. Skills like this are invaluable and will come in useful as she gets older. It is also important, not to restrict your child to girl-only type toys. There are plenty of unisex or boys toys that your child may enjoy. Allowing your child to browse all available toys may assist her in finding her true calling in life.


Many young girls enjoy being creative and what a fantastic way to learn through gifts that encourage imagination and creativity. There are many affordable options for creative gifts such as colouring books, role-play props and clothing and crafting or construction sets. At this age her imagination runs wild, so now is the time to help develop her creative skills by considering creative gifts for 5 year old girls since it just might lead to a talented creative based career.


Providing toys that expose your 5 year old girl to all types of different activities is very important. You should consider their senses (touch, smell and sound) and make sure you cover all options when buying a gift. Feeding the senses will introduce an all new dynamic to their environment and may serve as a tool in keeping their attention.


You should provide your child with gifts such as building blocks, building sticks, arts/crafts and other such toys to develop and improve motor skills. It is crucial for a young girl to use her hands and eyes during playtime, to help improve and develop movement and coordination. Encouraging this type of activity is vital to think about when selecting gifts for 5 year old girls.


Your 5 year old girl will be able to hold good conversation with you at this point and you will want to encourage this as much as possible. You will see how smart she has become and how she is taking in a lot more from what she hears and sees. Provide toys that encourage communication.  Select gifts that will challenge and develop your little girl. There are many toys that teach our children another language for example, now is the perfect time to introduce your little girl to the idea of speaking a different language.


Promoting your 5 year old girls interest for learning is of vital importance.  Your child needs sustenance and not just physically. Providing the right gifts for a 5 year old girl to encourage investigation and exploration is crucial. Toys can be a great way to make learning enjoyable. If you advocate this sort of good, fun learning environment, she will likely grow up to appreciate school.


Exercise can be a game and made fun if you introduce your little girl to the right kind of games. A child will learn valuable life lessons during this age, lessons they will take on throughout their entire lives.  Making a fun environment and combining play with exercise is the perfect way to keep your child healthy and fit.