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Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls

Gift ideas for 5 year old girls.
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PicassoTiles 100 Piece Set

100 Piece Set Magnet Building Tiles

Inspire children's creativity with easy to assemble magnetic tiles. Fun for single use or to share.

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iPlay, iLearn Toddler Musical Instruments

Six instruments that provide hours of fun and show little ones the joys of playing music.

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IQ Challenge Set

IQ Challenge Set

The ideal educational toy to challenge little masterminds with 7 fun puzzles.

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LEGO Juniors 10667 Construction

LEGO Juniors 10667 Construction

160 piece LEGO construction site set. Build walls and knock them down with the crane and wrecking ball.

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Unicorn Coloring Book

Unicorn Coloring Book

A book full of pretty unicorn pictures with ranging levels of detail ready to color in.

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A guide to buying the best gift for a boy age 5

Once your boy turns 5, there is a lot to think about when deciding what gift to buy. You might have realised how clever they have become and how they are socialising with everyone around them. Not every child will engage with other children at this age but it is crucial to promote that aspect of their personality, especially during playtime. Ensure all your options are considered, you could allow your child to pick their own gift, you may be surprised!


Encouraging your boy’s interest for learning is such an important thing to do at this age. Your boy needs development and not just through exercise. Providing your boy with the tools he needs to discover and explore is key. Toys can be a brilliant gift to make learning fun. If you encourage and promote this sort of good, enjoyable learning environment, he will grow up to really like school and get good grades.


When selecting a gift, think about how your 5 year old boy is reacting to the environment around him. You should buy toys that compliment their abilities to aid his learning. This will build and strengthen his confidence. Children tend to find enjoyment in music, art or building for example. Find out what your child is really good at and feed his confidence with the use of toys and games.


You want to promote all different kinds of learning through your boys childhood. It is a good idea to supply your child with toys such as building blocks, sticks, arts/crafts and other kinds of toys to better and develop motor-skills. It is vital for a young boy to use their hand-eye coordination during play, to improve their abilities. Promoting this kind of play is one of the most important things to think about.


Although it is very important to develop strengths, it is equally important to challenge their weak points. If you see that your boy is finding it hard to talk with other children, it might be time to introduce games that involve multiple players. Board games, physical games or role playing games are all a fantastic ways to encourage communication during playtime. There are so many great kinds of games so choosing the best gifts for your little boy won’t be tasking.


Children’s toys will always, without doubt be tested prior to going on sale. But of course you should always consider your child’s individual needs, because every child is different and buying toys may require a little more thought and consideration. The age of a child is crucial because if you choose a gift that is for much older children, toxicity could be a hazard.


Your young boy will be talking more and more, wanting to engage and communicate all the time. You should provide gifts that promote good communication as much as possible. Choose toys that will challenge and develop your 5 year old boy. It might be a good idea to introduce your child to another language for example and there are a lot of toys that cover this sort of learning and play.


Ensure to bring out that creative side of your 5 year old boy. It is at this point in life that he will begin to discover himself and build on his personality. Does he enjoy music or design based games? Maybe he enjoys building and moulding using materials or maybe he enjoys writing or painting. There is a multitude of options when it comes to creative play.


It is extremely important to provide your child with toys that engage all of their senses. Think about the way something feels (materials), what scent does it give out and what it sounds like. Exposing the senses to all different things will introduce an all new dynamic to their environment and may serve as a tool in keeping their attention.

Social Skills

When it comes to games and activities, there are so many to choose from when it comes to boys aged 5. Choosing gifts that encourage to promote friends to play together is a great method in developing your little boys social skills. Skills like this are incredibly valuable and will serve him a great deal when he gets older.


Exercise can be a game and made fun if you introduce your little boy to the right kind of games. A child will learn valuable life lessons during this age, lessons they will take on throughout their entire lives. Making a fun environment and combining play with exercise is the perfect way to keep your child healthy and fit.

Marble Run Track Toy Set

Let your child or toddler get creative with the Marble Run Track Toy Set. With four different difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, Hard and Hardest) this set can be both fun and challenging for a verity of ages from age 4 and up. The set includes 70 building blocks and 20 glass marbles which can be put together in four different ways allowing for hours of fun and creative playtime.

Your child’s cognitive abilities will grow as their creative problem solving skills are put to the test while they assemble the marble run set and figure out how to put together either of the four build assemblies. While assembling the set vital skill are being used and developed, such as problem solving, hand-eye coordination, color and shape recognition, imagination, patience and creativity.

The manufacturer of the product has stated that it is 100% safe for ages 4 and up due to the premium ABS plastic making the marble run track 100% non-toxic. The marble building set pieces also contain smooth edges to prevent any harm and it contains easy lock pieces which are stable and sturdy. The whole set can be packed away in a neat gift box making it easy to take on the move, give as a present or keep tidy when stored away.

Outdoor Adventure Kit for Kids

The outdoor adventure kit is perfect for any explorer kids who love the outdoors and has everything they need for their next adventure. There’s a quality set of shock proof binoculars with easy focus technology, a neck strap and a case to carry them in. Also included is a pocket sized flashlight for exploring any areas with limited light and a compass so they can learn to navigate. Finally, a classic magnifying glass so nature lovers can examine any creepy crawlies or flowers that they discover.

Taking a kid on a hike and letting them use the compass can be a memorable experience. Kids love taking the set on family walks and it fits perfectly in the safari cargo jacket. It also comes with a bag with shoulder strap so it’s easy to carry.

IQ Challenge Set

This set of brain teasers is great for stimulating intelligent 5 year olds and testing their creative problem solving skills. The set includes 7 different challenges in total, including five puzzle balls, a wooden cube puzzle and a tangled metal wire puzzle. Each piece tests a child’s intellect in slightly different ways to help get the maximum variety of developmental benefit and fun. They’re great for improving sharpness and helping to understand spatial relations. They are quite advanced, but it’s good for kids to challenge themselves so they get that sense of achievement once they complete a puzzle. The set also comes with an instruction manual so if you really get stuck then you can give the kid some guidance on how to complete it.