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Gifts for 4 Year Old Girls

Gift ideas for 4 year old girls.
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JOYSTAR 12″ Kids Balance Bike

This bike is the perfect stepping stone for any little adventure to learn the basics of riding and balance.

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A Buyer’s Guide to Selecting the Best Gifts for 4 Year Old Girls

Choosing the right gift for a 4 year old girl can be a tough task and take up a lot of your time. Age 4 is a vital age for a young girl. She is growing from a young toddler to a much smarter, more aware and stronger child. As a child grows, we must continue to educate them and we must challenge them in any way we can, to ensure progressive development.

The right gift can positively assist in a child’s development, whether that be through creativity, physical activity, socially or through problem solving and knowledge. With this in mind, we’ve put together this gift guide full of gift ideas that will each assist your 4 year old girl with important developmental factors while also picking quality products, that are well reviewed and have high entertainment value.

Augmented Reality Interactive Globe

The best way to help kids learn is by making education entertaining. With this AR Interactive Globe, studying geography and the world has never been so fun.

Using the Orboot app on an iPad or Android tablet, she will be able to explore the globe with over 400 highlights and thousands of facts from cultures, cuisines, maps, animals and more.

It’s a brilliant STEM boosting gift that can help boost knowledge, linguistic and cognitive skills too.

Of course you’ll need to allow your kid access to an iPad, iPhone or android device in order to use, but the added interactivity of the app makes this gift both highly entertaining, educational and a great gift for a 4 year old girl.

How we selected these gifts

Taking only the highest rated age appropriate gifts on Amazon, we then compile a large list. Through the process of elimination we then remove gifts from our list that either do not offer a high standard of quality, perceived entertainment value or positively assist with important developmental factors.

The gifts we are left with are reviewed either by ourselves or our team of parents and then chosen to go into this guide. We try to include a varied range of gifts from social multiplayer games or knowledge and learning based to physically active or imaginative and creative.


Creating fun whilst exercising is very important. Children will learn valuable life lessons during this age, lessons they will take on throughout their entire lives. Creating a fun environment and combining play with exercise is a great way to keep your child fit and healthy. Toys are the perfect way to making fitness fun.

Social Skills

A child at this age is becoming very skilled in communication. Developing that skill is crucial and the need for social interaction is key at this stage. Selecting toys that promote interaction with other children is a great way to encourage communication. The more your child plays, interacts and communicates with other children, the better their social skills will become.


What a child learns in their younger years, will be used throughout the rest of their lives. Confidence will come from their achievements, which is why it is important to provide toys that will challenge them. Puzzles are a great example of a toy that can instil confidence. A game that reaches an end task, will provide a sense of achievement and thus will create confidence.


Providing toys that expose your child to all types of different activities is very important. You should consider their senses (touch, smell and sound) and make sure you cover all options when purchasing.


Your child must be provided with toys such as Play-Doh, building blocks, paints and other such toys to improve and development motor skills. It is very important for a young child to use their hands and eyes in such a way, to better their coordination. Promoting this sort of play is one of the most important factors to consider.


Your child will be talking more and more. You will start to realise that she is a lot more intelligent and absorbing a lot more from what she hears and sees, than you have realised in the past. Provide toys that promote talking, singing or any other form of verbal communication. Provide toys that will challenge and develop your child. Maybe it is a good idea to introduce your child to a different language, since the younger we are the better equipped our developing brains are to absorb the information.


Developing your child thirst for learning is of the utmost important. Your child needs sustenance and not just physically. Providing your child with the material she needs to explore and discover is crucial. Toys can be the perfect way to create an enjoyable learning environment. If you promote this sort of healthy, fun learning environment, she will likely grow up to enjoy school. There is an abundance toys available.


Yes you read that right, nutrition! Children can learn many valuable lessons from toys. A very important way a child learns how to be when they grow up is through play. Providing toys that promote healthy living can help your child prepare for adulthood.


One thing you must do as a parent, is play close attention to your child’s development. Is the toy they are playing with not holding their attention? Is that game too easy? Keeping your child occupied and challenged is the perfect way to influence their abilities. The more they are challenged, the better.


Ensuring your child has a variety of toys is very important. Nurturing their creative side is as crucial as developing their physical side. Painting, drawing, sculpting and design based toys will influence your child’s creativity; allowing them to express themselves. Expression is such a vital part of your child’s development. They will learn, grown and discover who they are through creativity. Music based toys can really develop a child’s creativity. A child may go on to play an instrument through their entire lives and that interest is often started during early years of childhood.


There is no fun like safe fun. Good quality children’s products will always be tried and tested. Always consider your child’s personal needs, not all children are alike and buying toys may require additional consideration. Considering the age of a child is vital because if you choose a toy that is for older children, things such as toxicity may be an issue. Small parts are a choking hazard so always ensure you buy the correct toy for the required age.