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Gifts for 4 Year Old Boys

Gift ideas for 4 year old boys.
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PicassoTiles 100 Piece Set

100 Piece Set Magnet Building Tiles

Inspire children's creativity with easy to assemble magnetic tiles. Fun for single use or to share.

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click play phthalate crush plastic

Click N’ Play Pack of 200 pcs Crush Proof Balls

This set of 200 brightly colored balls is perfect for filling a playhouse or ball pit for kids to play in.

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dinosaur creativity book

Dinosaur Creativity Book

Young artists can create their favorite Dinosaurs and unleash their creative side with stickers, stencils and cut-outs.

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Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

Cool kids can cruise along in the Harley-Davidson style tricycle with an under-seat storage compartment.

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iPlay, iLearn Toddler Musical Instruments

Six instruments that provide hours of fun and show little ones the joys of playing music.

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magnetic safari animals

Magnetic Safari Animals

Let toddlers create and play with six wild animals, all in different colors!

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Marble Run Track Toy Set – Translucent Marble Maze Race Game Set By Marble Galaxy

Marble Run Track Toy Set

Kids can choose from 70 building blocks to creatively build a custom track and have a marble race.

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Mr Potato Head Tub Set

Playskool Mr.Potato Head Tub Set

Create even more funny facial expressions for Mr Potato Head with the 15 piece Tater Tub set.

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A Buyer’s Guide to Selecting the Best Gifts for 4 Year Old Boys

Buying gifts for a four year old boy can be quite tough to consider especially due to their rapid development and the fact that they are now ready to start school. This will mean that they will now spend a lot more time engaging with other children and so will learn and develop new social skills as a result of this. Such skills will involve that of pretend play and imaginary play which is very important to the development of a four year old because it helps them to grasp and gain a better understanding of the world around them. Alongside these newly developing social skills, they will also develop physically by enhancing their gross motor skills which include things such as hand-eye coordination, jumping, running or even walking.

With consideration of these important developmental skills we have compiled a selection of gifts that fit our criteria of good value through a range of different budgets, high ratings, popularity and longevity. We have laid out the topics below that we have used to aid us in selecting the perfect gifts for boy aged four.

Starting School

Between the ages of four and five your boy will be able to attend elementary school. This means they will develop a multitude of new skills including independence, physical and social skills that they may have started developing while at home but will find the frequency in which they use these skills while at school will increase. At home a four year old will already be familiar with the friends and family members they come into contact with, but at school, especially when starting, they will come into contact with many new children in which their social skills will be tested as they find themselves interacting with a number of different personalities and situations.

To help your four year old boy with his social development and the very best chance at successfully developing the necessary skills while at school it is important to pick the gifts that will help with this. There are gifts that require multiple participants and other gifts that can be played with solo or also as part of a group, like for example, the 100 Piece Set Magnet Building Tiles which can be used as part of a team to create a group structure or separate competing buildings.


In this day and age, lets face it, a lot of kids now can happily spend hours in front of a screen, whether that’s a TV, games console, mobile or tablet. Even at age four you’ll notice that your child can happily spend hours watching cartoons and shows and even playing games. While these activities can offer some form of learning and motor skills, it is actually considered a passive and artificial form of auditory and visual stimuli and does not require much in the way of active response. Due to this is is best to keep screen time to a minimum when possible and try to encourage creative and imaginative play.

Artistic and craft based play can be carried out with toys such as Lego or any other kind of building or sculpting set where the the final outcome can become anything and only limited by your child’s ever developing imagination. These can also include musical type toys too as your child can experiment and create different sounds. These types of toys can also aid with the development of focus and concentration which are valuable skill that a person will need their whole life. Another benefit of art and crafting based toys is that it can encourage a sense of achievement which installs confidence in a child.

Active play requires your child to move and therefore use their muscles to interact with their environment which in turn helps them release their energy and develops their coordination skills. Toys such as the Harley-Davidson Tough Trike can help keep a child active by engaging and moving at the same time as encouraging their make-believe, role play and pretend play.

Gross Motor Skills and Physical Development

Boys age 4 use active play as a way of exploring and developing their many skills including endurance, strength, coordination, flexibility and gross and fine motor skills. What a lot of people don’t know is that active play and physical activity also has many mental health benefits too such as reducing incidents of depression and anxiety and also helps with the alleviation of stress.

Encouraging your child to engage in active play can be assisted by gifts or toys such as sports based like a football, tennis ball and racket or active toys that require the child to use their whole body to operate such as bikes, trikes or mini push powered or pedal operated cars.

100 Piece Set Magnet Building Tiles

Building tiles are excellent at developing children’s creative instincts as they help to grasp an understanding of color, symmetry, 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes. They also help develop other skills such as an understanding of basic mathematics, magnetism, building and sorting.

Many children play with the tiles alongside their other toys. This is because they’re versatile and you can build castles, ramps or buildings to help create a narrative to play in.

Magnetic tiles are one of the best recommended creative children’s toys. They’re great value because they’re super durable and could easily last you years. The blocks can also be packed away into a small space so they’re easy to store, and the parts are really easy to replace.

iPlay iLearn Toddler Musical Instruments

The iPlay, iLearn Toddler Musical Instruments toy set is the perfect gift to bring out your toddler’s musical talent.. The set includes one marching drum, tambourine, trumpet, harmonica, flute and a pair of maracas.

The instrument set can be used by toddlers from 12 months and up and each instrument can help develop your kid’s skills as well as provide hours of non stop fun. The drum and maracas can assist with the development of fine motor skills while the more advanced instruments such as harmonica, flute or trumpet can help develop breathing and enhance concentration levels.

The instrument set is regarded as safe to use and comes with a 100% risk free satisfaction guarantee and can be stored away neatly when not in use as the drum doubles up as a storage unit for the other instruments.

Click ‘n Play 200 Plastic Balls

The Click N’ Play pack of 200 crush proof balls is an absolute must have in any kid’s toy collection. These provide fun for kids of ages 12 months and up and can be used individually or as part of group playtime activities.

They come in 6 different vibrant colors including red, pink, green, blue, orange and yellow. They’re a great option for filling up a tent, playhouse, kiddie pool, playpen, ball pit or bounce house where kids can jump around in them.

Each ball is 100% phthalate, BBA and lead free and made with non PVC plastic. They are also 2.3 inches in diameter and guaranteed to be crush proof.