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Gifts for 3 Year Old Boys

3 years old boys are bundles of energy and their improved fine motor skills allows them to play with a wider range of toys. See our top gift ideas and buyer's guide below.
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dinosaur creativity book

Dinosaur Creativity Book

Young artists can create their favorite Dinosaurs and unleash their creative side with stickers, stencils and cut-outs.

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iPlay, iLearn Toddler Musical Instruments

Six instruments that provide hours of fun and show little ones the joys of playing music.

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magnetic safari animals

Magnetic Safari Animals

Let toddlers create and play with six wild animals, all in different colors!

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Mr Potato Head Tub Set

Playskool Mr.Potato Head Tub Set

Create even more funny facial expressions for Mr Potato Head with the 15 piece Tater Tub set.

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Best gifts for 3 year old boys buyer’s guide

By age 3 your boy will have transformed into an active child full of energy. The terrible twos will finally be behind you – although if this means no more tantrums you’ll be very lucky! Gifts will play a crucial part in keeping them entertained and happy.

At age 3 they’ll also be able to use new toys that they weren’t able to previously such as toys with smaller parts. Most 3 year old boys have enough awareness and sense of danger not to put small pieces in their mouths any more, but they should still be observed at all times just in case!

To help you find the right gift and save you plenty of time we’ve put together the following list of best toys and gifts for 3 year old boys.

Count ‘n Play Cash Register Playset

The Count ‘n play register helps teach toddlers how to count, match shapes and identify colors. Playing with this toy is a fun way to practice basic math and improve fine motor skills.

The brightly colored toy has three different colored coins, these coins can be placed into the correct colored slot to count the money. Money can also be stored in the drawer of the cash register that’s opened by pulling the red lever on the side. There are 9 plastic coins in total, a plastic dollar bill and a thick plastic credit card. Inserting the card into the slot on the top of the toy will release coins from the slots into the drawer. Despite all this functionality, one of the great things is that it doesn’t require any batteries.

It might be slightly tricky at first to get the coins or the credit card in the slots but they’ll soon get the hang of it and it’s a great way of developing size recognition as they start to better understand different shapes and sizes as well as motor skills.

Magnetic Safari Animals

Create a mini safari with a Lion, Hippo, Rhino, Giraffe, Crocodile and an Elephant. There are 18 pieces in total that can be easily connected through magnetism to make the full range of safari animals. Children can also get creative and mix and match the pieces to get some strange multicolored results.

The animal pieces are made of a rubber material that’s soft to touch and the pieces are strongly made for safety and durability in mind. They’re a great gift for toddlers that they love to put the animals together and show off their knowledge of colors and animal recognition time and time again.

The toy is loved by many toddlers and children and has won the Oppenheim Toy Porfolio Gold Award and the ASTRA Best Toys for Kids award.

Smart Shots Sports Centre

The aim is simple, kick the soccer ball into the net or toss the basket ball into the hoop and score points which displays in numbers on the light up LED scoreboard. There are also buttons to press, gears to turn and pages to flip which helps your child learn about shapes and numbers as well as developing their motor skills.

A multiple of skills can be learnt and developed due to the many ways in which this toy can be interacted with. The kicking and tossing of the ball can develop your child’s gross motor skills and coordination. The sound affects and animations attract and enhance your toddlers curiosity and attention. The interactive gears, buttons and leavers help develop hand-eye coordination. Alongside these important developing skills the VTech Smart Shots Sports Center will ultimately keep your toddler busy and allow for hours of interactive fun.

Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

This trike has super cool Harley-Davidson styling that children love to ride in and go on adventures. The large pedals, easy-grip handlebars and stable wheel base help to make it simple to ride in. The seat is nice and comfy and even has a storage compartment hidden under the seat to store any other toys or discoveries.

This tricycle is simple assemble, very solid, and is easy to use – which makes the parent’s life a lot easier! This gift is a great way to help develop the child’s sense of awareness and balance to prepare them to riding other forms of transport as they grow older. A tricycle is also one of the most fun ways to build leg muscles which will help them with sport

Playskool Mr.Potato Head Tub Set

Grab a nose, a mouth, some eyes, and any other of the 15 pieces from the Mr Potato Head Tater Tub set and create funny characters with loads of laughter. With the tub you’ve got a better range of silly faces and expressions that can be created, and an easy way to store them at the end of the day. All the parts are compatible with other Mr & Mrs Potato head toys if you have any.

This toy is a classic favorite that helps improve fine motor skills by putting pieces into the holes and pulling them out to change them. It’s also a great toy to help learn about different parts of the body and facial expressions. But most of all this toy brings hours of giggles creating funny faces!

iPlay iLearn Toddler Musical Instruments

The iPlay, iLearn Toddler Musical Instruments toy set is the perfect gift to bring out your toddler’s musical talent.. The set includes one marching drum, tambourine, trumpet, harmonica, flute and a pair of maracas.

The instrument set can be used by toddlers from 12 months and up and each instrument can help develop your kid’s skills as well as provide hours of non stop fun. The drum and maracas can assist with the development of fine motor skills while the more advanced instruments such as harmonica, flute or trumpet can help develop breathing and enhance concentration levels.

The instrument set is regarded as safe to use and comes with a 100% risk free satisfaction guarantee and can be stored away neatly when not in use as the drum doubles up as a storage unit for the other instruments.

How to Choose the Best Gift for a 3 Year Old Boy

Around 3 years old boys enter a new stage of their life as they begin to understand more complex concepts and their physical ability improves. Toys that further stimulate their growth and keep them entertained will be the perfect combination at this age and will help them in the future. We’ve assessed a huge range of toys to come up with our recommendations for the best ones for 3 year old boys in a range of different categories. Below is some of the criteria we used to select these gifts.

Toy Category

By now a 3 year old may have started showing some interests in specific types of toys. If they like a toy which resembles a certain animal, then you could try something like the magnetic safari animals set to help teach them more animals. If you’re not the boys parent, speak to the parents and ask them if they have any toys they like already or any interests and try getting something similar. We’ve separated our top picks into different toy categories such as adventurer, sport and creative to help you easier choose the best gift.

Gifts that Help Creativity

Toys that allow a child to use their mind and their creativity can be very helpful for their development as a creative thinker, and they’re great fun too! Creative toys come in many forms, but the crucial element is that there’s more than one way to play with them and not a strictly ‘correct’ way. Building blocks follow certain rules – such as the rules of physics, but there’s an almost infinite number of ways you can arrange them when you have a lot of pieces. These are a great way of boosting your child’s creativity.

Play sets that imitate adult life are another great way to be creative. Children will naturally improvise during play time which helps with their speed of thought, and they love to imitate adult life. Kitchen food sets or a cash register are a couple of popular examples where children creatively engage in role play. As well as helping the creativity these also boost the general language skills and problem solving ability.

Physical Development

Little boys are naturally active and want to use their muscles. At 3 years old he’ll have mastered walking, running and jumping and will have loads of energy to use. Even though you might want to keep them calm, this will only make them restless and angry, so you’re better off buying a toy which helps them be physical in a safe way.

Another benefit of having exercise and a healthy body and heart is that it will help the general long term health of a boy. Gifts that help with physical development will also help them in later life as they develop a stronger body which will be beneficial if they want to play sports.

Safety & Durability

When you choose a gift it should be made from child-friendly materials and meet manufacturing safety standards. Ensure there are not toxic elements and that plastic is BPA free.

Toys should also be durable and able to withstand being thrown about. By age 3 toddlers are getting stronger and are more capable of breaking things. If a toy is broken and sharp edges are created then this is a safety hazard so you want something that won’t break easily. Durable toys will also last longer and give you more playing time so it’s something that should be considered.

Other Changes in a 3 Year Old Boy

At 3 years old boys will start to be able to play with other boys in their age group and make their first friends. Until now playing with toys will have been largely done on a solitary basis or by imitating the actions of their parents. At 3 years old they will start to understand more complex concepts such as sharing and teamwork, which opens up the possibilities for larger games to be played.

3 year olds are also able to communicate more easily after the frustrations of understanding their emotions that they suffered in their first two years which would have caused crying or tantrums. These improved social skills can be further improved by giving toys that all for cooperation and communication to achieve a goal when playing.

A lot of what helps a child excel is having the self confidence to perform tasks and engage without fear. Even though you want to push the child to achieve more than it has already, toys that they can easily master will play a crucial role in giving them the self confidence to carry on. As they get older don’t simply discard toys that they’re good at. Also, a 3 year old still won’t have a very long attention span, so it’s always good to have lots of toys to play with.