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Gifts for 13 Year Old Girls

Gift ideas for 13 year old girls.
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BLACKMYTH Graphic Funny Girl's T-Shirt

BLACKMYTH Graphic Funny Girl’s T-Shirt

These bold and funny graphic t-shirts bring confidence and look great.

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Kemy's Crossbody Shoulder Messenger Bags

Kemy’s Crossbody Shoulder Messenger Bags

Carry your phone, umbrella, notepads and kindles in style with this funky over the shoulder messenger bag.

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MKay Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones

MKay Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones

Stylish over-ear headphones that can connect via Bluetooth or use SD card with pre-loaded MP3s.

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PUMA Women's Cali WN's Zapatillas

PUMA Women’s Low-Top Sneakers

These highly rated cute looking basketball style platform sneakers are a must have for any teenage girl.

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Top gifts for 13 year old girls

It can be quite a stressful experience trying to find that perfect gift for a 13 year old girl. When they were younger they would have had a wider range of interests, but now they are older their tastes have become more defined and specific.

Fortunately if you’re reading this you’ve come to the right place. We’ve spent hours researching and reviewing trending and top gifts in order to inspire and help you find the best gifts for 13 year old girls.

MKay Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones

There’s a lot of headphones on the market from well known brands which can be very pricey. These MKay Over Ear Headphones offer style and quality for just a fraction of the price.

Standout features are 18 hours of wireless music time, full charging in 2.5 hours, comfortable earpieces, call functionality, stereo quality sound, Micro SD compatibility for MP3s and can be folded for ultimate portability.

Unlike top branded headphones these do not have noise cancelling technology, but if that isn’t an issue or necessary feature then these could make a fantastic gift for a young music lover.

How we select our top gifts

When compiling this list we always look out for gifts that are well reviewed, well rated and readily available. Other factors we always consider include the entertainment value because this is one of the main factors in a top gift and a highly entertaining gift brings much joy and reusability. We also consider the durability and build quality of the product so you won’t have to worry about something breaking and needing to be returned. Physical and social developmental factors are also considered because they play a big part in a 13 year old girl’s life and these skills are an important part of growing and developing into a healthy adult.

13 year old girls and their key developmental factors

It’s official, at 13 years of age they are now a teenager. At this age there are big changes both physically and in terms of behaviour. Physically, you’ll notice they may start or have already started puberty as a normal part of adolescence. Their physical appearance will start to change as they begin growing into a young woman. Hormonal shifts can happen causing their emotions to change frequently. Other things can affect these emotions too, such as school, friends and peer pressure. A 13 year old girl will become more conscious of her appearance and also have more sensitive feelings causing them to want to be alone or spend time apart from their parents. You’ll notice their interests will change and things like social events or items that link to these events such as clothes, makeup and cosmetics will become more appealing.


A 13 year old girl’s social development has come along way in the last couple of years. She will now have a grasp of certain social concepts such as sarcasm and humour and be able to engage in more complex social situations. Socially girls at 13 develop faster than boys at this age. Due to their increased awareness of self image they can become more in need of reassurance and upset if they feel they don’t live up to a certain standard that can be set by things around her, such as her peer group or the media. You may also find that she would rather spend more time around friends that time with family and that social events are more important than anything else. At this age she may have or want to set up a social media account so she can connect and interact with friends and have access to any upcoming events.

Due to these developing social factors we always try to include gifts that allow social interaction, whether that be through games that encourage cooperative interaction or competitive interaction.


At 13 years old, a girl is still absorbing knowledge and learning about her environment through school, through friends, media and experiences. At school the subjects she is learning will become more complex. It is really important to help assist with this learning and to make sure her mind is stimulated in order to promote healthy mental development right through to adulthood.

We always try to include gifts that assist with both cognitive ability such as puzzle or problem solving type games and learning or knowledge based gifts such as fact based games or books.


Healthy physical development is important in a 13 year old girl. To help maintain this development she must be encouraged to keep active. No two 13 year olds are alike and while some naturally seek being active, others might prefer watching TV, video games or spending time on social media. Most kids these days spend a lot of time in front of screens, which is not unhealthy, but can become unhealthy if they spend so much time in front of them that they neglect time to be active which can cause health issues such as obesity and does not allow them to strengthen certain core muscles that assist with everyday actions.

We always try to include active based gifts in our best gifts selection. Most people think of sports based gifts, but there are also plenty of other non-sport gifts that are really popular from bikes and scooters to trampolines.