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Gifts for 12 Year Old Girls

Gift ideas for 12 year old girls.
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burrito blanket

Burrito Blanket

This super soft novelty blanket is sure to bring fun, warmth and comfort.

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The best gifts to buy for a 12 year old girl

At the age of 12 a girl is in the last of her pre-teen years and almost a teenager. Many toys she owns will no longer keep her interest and will most likely be thrown out, handed to a younger friend or family member or end up in a car boot sale. It probably seemed easier to buy gifts back when she was younger and choosing the right gift now can certainly be a daunting task. There are many factors that need to be considered now that she is 12 such as her changing environment, peer pressure, social media and biological or physical maturation.

We understand the difficulty you’ll face in choosing the right gift, so we decided to spend hours of research looking into the best gifts that money can buy for a 12 year old girl so that you don’t have to. You can rest assured that the gifts we have chosen are considered to be popular, highly rated, well reviewed, easily available, great quality and won’t break the bank.

GirlZone: Temporary Hair Chalk Set For Girls

These hair chalk pens are a fun gift idea for a girl who has an interest in beauty, fashion, arts and crafts. With 10 different colors and up to 80 applications per pen, she’ll be able to express her creativity endlessly.

The paints are temporary and easy to both apply and wash out. They use safe compliant ingredients making them non-allergenic and water soluble. They can even be used as face paints!

Feedback suggests that the colors show up more vividly on lighter colored hair, however they still work on dark hair too. They really do make a great gift for any 12 year old girl who likes to experiment with creativity to develop her own style and image.

How we selected these gift ideas

When compiling our list of top gifts for a girl aged 12 we consider her developmental requirements that are essential in helping her to grow into a confident young lady. These developmental areas can be broken down into the following: physical, dexterity, knowledge, creativity, confidence and social skills.


A 12 year old girl is almost a teenager and in the early stages of adolescence. She will have gained much physical strength in the last year and will continue to do so in her teenage years. Keeping active is a good way to keep up this healthy development so that she has every advantage when taking part in sports and exercise. Even if her interest in sport is not particularly high, it’s still very important to encourage physical activity as it will keep her healthy. When it comes to sports based gifts there’s much to choose from and totally depends on the sport whether that be hockey, tennis, badminton, football or many others. These types of gifts not only encourage physical activity but also help engage socially if they are a team based sport and can bring out her competitiveness which in turn can bring about confidence. If sport is not her main interest then consider other popular active gifts like a bike, scooter, roller blades, skateboards or a trampoline.


Dexterity refers to the skill in performing tasks specifically with the hands. Since the hands are used on a daily basis there is a real benefit to buying a gift that develops her ability to use them well especially if she ends up pursuing a career where skilful use of the hands is essential such as dentistry, surgery or a craft based career. Gifts that can assist with dexterity can be arts and crafting kits, construction sets and musical instruments such as a guitar or keyboard.


Knowledge is extremely beneficial in life and can be gained at any time by simply reading about or studying a subject. However, it;’s important to know that a child’s brain can absorb knowledge much easier than a fully grown adult can, so to give your twelve year old girl every advantage give her the opportunity to learn new things while she is still young. Find out where her interests lie and buy her books based on that particular subject so she can learn and enhance her knowledge of it.


Creative gifts are the base way to enhance your girl’s artistic flair and there are many forms of this from painting and drawing to playing a musical instrument or crafting something. If she has a good imagination, the possibilities are endless. If she shows signs of a creative personality then buying a gift in this category and supporting this passion will not only enhance this ability but could also help develop her creative abilities leading to a job in this field such as artist, photographer or designer.


Confidence is especially important in a twelve year old girl as it will help her deal with or even overcome certain social situation she may encounter. Confidence can be gained in many ways and it is not the same for every child. Some will gain confidence from competitiveness such as winning in sports where as others will gain confidence through artistic creations. Creative based gifts can not only develop their creative ability but also help bring about a therapeutic mindset.

Social skills

There’s no escaping all social situations as this skill is essential. Your girl will spend all day at school around other children and will continue to do so at college and in her career. A gift that can be enjoyed with multiple players will not only be fun but encourage interaction with the other players. The more social situations she can encounter at a young age and different personality types she interacts with the better her social skills will become.