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Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys

The best gifts for 12 year old boys
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Best gift for a boy age 12

Buying the right gift for a boy age 12 can seem like an impossible task. At this age they are less likely to be entertained by simple toys like they once were and more picky about what is fun or cool. The simplest solution it to simply ask them what they are interested in and what type of gifts appeal to them. However, we understand that this is not always that simple as you might want to surprise them or not get the opportunity for whatever reason to ask them.
Fortunately for you we have put in plenty of hours of research to narrow down the selection to the best and most popular gifts you can buy today. When we select these gifts we consider the value and quality of the gift and what other parents and children have to say about them.
By this age he will have probably mentioned what he wants to become when he grows up on multiple occasions and this probably changes every few months whether that be professional footballer, astronaut, spy or fireman. Etherway, no matter how “out there” his career ideas may seem, you’ll want to make sure his continued healthy development gives him every chance of having a successful career and adulthood. We’ve broken down these main developmental areas into categories such as knowledge, physical, dexterity, creativity, social skills and confidence.


At 12 years of age your boy’s brain will be able to absorb knowledge much better than an adult can. Take advantage of this by selecting gifts from the brainiac category so he can be challenged and learn to think tactically and solve puzzles and problems. Also, a book based on a subject where his interests lie will help him learn more about it and he will likely keep this knowledge for the rest of his life.


Whether he has a keen interest in sports or not, it is important to encourage him to keep active especially as he is now entering the early stages of the transition into adolescence. This will keep him physically healthy and help aid his rapid development as he continues to grow.

By the age of 12 you’ll find most boys spend a lot of time in front of screens whether that be watching tv or playing video games which can have some advantages for example knowledge can be gained from watching tv shows, dexterity and motor skills can be enhanced from playing video games plus many hours of entertainment they can bring. However, it is important to limit this screen time and encourage active play to prevent them from obesity and help them develop their health, fitness and core strength.


Dexterity refers to the skill in using the hands and hand-eye-coordination. While this can be gained by playing video games, it can also be developed through activities such as arts and crafts, construction and playing musical instruments. While the use of the hands is a skill needed on a daily basis, some professional careers completely depend on it.


By 12 years of age you’ll know if your boy is a creative type or not. Many gifts that allow choice or freedom will allow your boy to be creative. Examples of these types of gifts include construction sets, model building sets, arts & craft sets, musical instruments and even some board games. If your boy has little or no interest in drawing or painting it is still important to encourage him to use his imagination and find time to be creative as it is a skill that will always come in handy in later life.

Social skills

In life you can go a long way with good social skills. A 12 year old boy is at an age now where they are engaging in more complex social situations and learning to understand and read people better. Spending time around other people, such as friends and family can help them to develop these social skills and what better way to do this than to buy them a gift that requires multiple players. Board games encourage a winning mentality as the aim is usually to win and it is the same in sports, however there are also gifts that require cooperative activities such as team based sports or construction sets like Lego.


It is important to help him gain confidence in himself and hold high self-esteem especially when he is at school or with friends. When it comes to gifts, games that encourage competition, especially if it’s in an area he has talent, will bring out his confidence through the thrill of winning. Other gifts such as artistic or craft based can also bring about confidence upon seeing its completion and receiving praise.