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Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys

Here's our guide to help you find the best toys and gifts for 12 year old boys. This list of gift ideas has been carefully put together with the help of our team of parents who have hands-on experience with only the highest rated gifts available on Amazon. We hope this guide saves you time and either inspires or helps you find the perfect gift that will entertain or aid in his development for many years to come.
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Activ Life Fun Kids Flying Rings

Activ Life Fun Kid’s Flying Rings

Throw straight with these fun lightweight kid's flying rings.

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Gaming Racing Wheel

Gaming Racing Wheel

Get the full racing experience on PC, PlayStation or Xbox

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Beginner Drone with Camera

Hornet Beginner Drone with Camera

Kids who loves gadgets or the outdoors will love playing and exploring with a drone

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Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

Nerf N-Strike

Shoot darts up to 90 feet with this rapid firing Nerf N-Strike Elite blaster.

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nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch

This popular handheld console is great either at home or on the go.

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Pindaloo Skill Toy

Pindaloo Skill Toy

Master new skills with this fun and challenging outdoor ball game.

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Xbox One S

Xbox One S 1TB

Disc free gaming with 1TB storage and access over 100 games out the box.

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The best toy and gift ideas for 12 year old boys

Finding the right gift for a 12 year old boy can seem like an impossible task. At this age they are less likely to be entertained by simple toys like they once were and more picky about what is fun or cool. The simplest solution it to talk to them about their interests and what type of toys and games appeal to them. However, we understand that this is not always that simple since they may not know what they want or ask for certain toys and games that are way out of budget.

Fortunately for you, everyone here at Good Old Gifts and our team of parents have put in many of hours of research to narrow down the selection of the highest rated and most entertaining gifts you can buy from varying price ranges and categories from games consoles to sporty or team based games among others.

Hopefully you’ll be able to find the right gift from our comprehensive guide below which contains only the highest rated, best and most popular toys and gifts on the market today.

Xbox One S

The ultimate gift for a 12 year old boy allows him to jump online with Xbox Live and start gaming with his friends.

The all digital edition of the Xbox One allows disc free gaming with access to over 100 games out of the box.

The 1TB drive allows plenty of space to store multiple digitally downloaded games from the Xbox store.

The lack of physical discs means you can rest assured that games cannot be lost or damaged. It also makes this one of the most portable Xbox Models on the market.

Nintendo Switch

If he’s got a passion for gaming then look no further than the Nintendo Switch.

Unlike other consoles out there he’ll be able to play by the traditional TV connection set up or as a portable handheld device on the go.

The Switch is also designed to be enjoyed multiplayer. Two players can use the two controllers out of the box.

More players can also be added with some party style games allowing for up to 8 players at the same time provided you have that many controllers.

In portable mode you can get a battery life of approximately 4.5 to 9 hours.

The perfect gift for your 12 year old boy, he’ll just want to take it with him everywhere.

Activ Life Fun Kid’s Flying Rings

So much fun can be had with these Activ Life kid’s flying rings.

Unlike a frisbee, flying rings are disc shaped rings making them 80% lighter in weight, meaning they hurt less when catching them.

They are designed to fly straight and can be caught with hands, wrists or even feet.

They also come as a twin pack and have multiple color options including glow in the dark.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

The Nerf N-Strike Elite is one of the highest rated Nerf guns on the market and for good reason.

The Strongarm Blaster boasts an incredible range of up to 90 feet and allows easy loading of up to 6 darts with it’s flip out rotating barrel.

It also has a slam fire ability allowing you to rapid fire all 6 loaded darts.

With no batteries required, 6 included elite darts and a great price it’s ready to use straight out of the box.

Champion Sports Anywhere Table Tennis

Transform table top surface into an ultimate ping pong or table tennis game.

This kit includes two rubber paddles, 3 ping pong balls, a mesh carry bag and a retractable net.

Easily extend the net and clamp on to any flat table top that measures up to 75 inches wide and up to 1.75 inches thick.

The net also stretches and retracts making it both easy to set up and take down. It’s compact, tangle free design makes this the ultimate portable gift for a 12 year old boy and his friends to get competitive anywhere.

Capture the Flag REDUX

This cool version of Capture the Flag takes it to a whole new level allowing you to play in the dark using glow in the dark orbs and rings.

Classic rules apply whereby one team plays against the other with the goal being to try and capture the other teams flag (glow in the dark orb) and bring it back to your own base without being captured.

Each team has their own color glow in the dark arm rings as well as markers for territory and prisons.

A brilliant way to get out, have fun and enhance your team-working skills.

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones

These highly rated bluetooth headphones not only look great but sound great too.

You’ll be able to connect to most bluetooth enabled devices and enjoy up to 20 hours of sound or even calls on one single charge.

The headphones have built-in controls allowing you to adjust volume, change tracks or answer calls. They also fold up for ultimate portability.

With several different color variations and at such a reasonable price compared to other bluetooth headphones on the market, these really do make a great gift.

Hornet Beginner Drone with Camera

The Altair Hornet Beginner drone is a great gift for kids or beginners with little experience of flying drones.

With 3 built in skill levels you’ll be able to get to know the basics before moving up to the more advanced settings unlocking additional speed and manoeuvrability making it a great gift for a 12 year old boy to get to grips with and develop his hand eye coordination or dexterity.

It also includes a wide angle HD camera which is capable of taking awesome aerial pictures and videos which can be set up and shot on your phone or tablet.

With 15 mins flight time and an additional battery he’ll have plenty of time to capture those perfect photos and have so much fun in the process.

Electric Guitar Beginner Kit Bundle

If your 12 year old is dreaming of being a rockstar, this guitar gift bundle will set him up with everything he needs to get started.

This pack includes a 20W amp, headphone jack, digital clip-on tuner, picks, an instruction book, spare steel strings, a shoulder strap, and a case.

The guitar itself is good quality too. The fingerboard is crafted from premium rosewood with a neck made from Canadian Maple. It also has S-S-S pickups and a whammy bar! You won’t get a better deal than this for the money.

Scratch The World Travel Map

This world map is a great gift for 12 years olds who love to travel. This extra large map has fine detail, including cartography, cities, rivers, mountains and more.

The map is printed on top quality silk paper and is covered in a fine gold coating that can be easily scratched off with a coin to reveal the locations you’ve been to underneath. Over time, as you visit more and more countries, the map will begin to reveal itself.

This is a perfect gift for kids who love going on holiday and have dreams of travelling the world. It’s something that can be treasured for years as they slowly uncover the map and remember the amazing places they’ve been.

Digital Coin Bank

A digital coin bank is a popular stocking filler that’s great for teaching kids how to save money and makes saving pocket money easier than ever. 

Children can store their change in this box and the digital display will automatically count up how much they have. So if they want to save up for a new present they know exactly how much they have and how much more they need to save.

This model is easy to use with a simple twist off lid and is suitable for US coins. Before you know it your 12 year old boy will have learnt a sense of achievement from saving that will help them as they grow older.

Guitar Pick Punch Gift Pack

Never let a lack of picks stop your 12 year old from being a great guitarist! This set includes a leather key chain pick holder to store picks, 15 custom pick strips, a guitar punch, a file and a gift box. 

The guitar punch helps you to easily create guitar picks out of any strip of thin plastic. Simply place any old cards or thin pieces of plastic in the device and punch out your new guitar pick.

There’s custom stickers to decorate the pick so it looks good and the new pick can be filed down with the file that comes with the set. It’s a great gift for any guitarists or bass players.

How we select our best gift ideas

When we select the gifts for our best gifts for 12 year old boys guide we always consider the value, quality and what other parents and children have to say about them.

We’ve also read through hundreds of reviews from real parents about the gifts in order to find out the ages that the gifts are best suited for as well as the durability and also the entertainment value.

All gifts we include in our selection have at least four to five star ratings. We also update our gifts regularly to include any trending gifts and remove any that may no longer be easily available.

Developmental factors in a 12 year old boy

By age 12 he will have likely mentioned what he wants to become when he grows up on multiple occasions and this may change from year to year, whether that be professional footballer, astronaut, spy or fireman. Ether way, no matter how “out there” his career ideas may seem, you’ll want to make sure his continued healthy development gives him every chance of achieving his goals and helping him towards a successful career and adulthood.

We’ve broken down these main developmental areas into categories such as knowledge, physical, dexterity, creativity, social skills and confidence.


At 12 years of age your boy’s brain will be able to absorb knowledge much better than an adult can. Take advantage of this by selecting gifts from the brainiac category so he can be challenged and learn to think tactically and solve puzzles and problems. Also, a book based on a subject where his interests lie will help him learn more about it and he will likely keep this knowledge for the rest of his life.


Whether he has a keen interest in sports or not, it is important to encourage him to keep active especially as he is now entering the early stages of the transition into adolescence. This will keep him physically healthy and help aid his rapid development as he continues to grow.

By the age of 12 you’ll find most boys spend a lot of time in front of screens whether that be watching TV or playing video games which can have some advantages for example knowledge can be gained from watching TV shows, dexterity and motor skills can be enhanced from playing video games plus many hours of entertainment they can bring. However, it is important to limit this screen time and encourage active play to prevent them from obesity and help them develop their health, fitness and core strength. Which is why it is important to choose sports or activity based toys and gifts for a 12 year old boy to encourage him to stay physically active.


Dexterity refers to the skill in using the hands and hand-eye-coordination. While this can be gained by playing video games, it can also be developed through activities such as arts and crafts, construction and playing musical instruments. While the use of the hands is a skill needed on a daily basis, some professional careers completely depend on it.


By 12 years of age you’ll know if your boy is a creative type or not. Many gifts that allow choice or freedom will allow your boy to be creative. Examples of these types of gifts include construction sets, model building sets, arts & craft sets, musical instruments and even some board games. If your boy has little or no interest in drawing or painting it is still important to encourage him to use his imagination and find time to be creative as it is a skill that will always come in handy in later life.

Social skills

In life you can go a long way with good social skills. A 12 year old boy is at an age now where they are engaging in more complex social situations and learning to understand and read people better. Spending time around other people, such as friends and family can help them to develop these social skills and what better way to do this than to buy them a gift that requires multiple players. Competitive games encourage a winning mentality as the aim is usually to win and it is the same in sports, however there are also gifts that require cooperative activities such as team based sports and games. Either way it is important to consider adding multiplayer games and gifts to a 12 year old boy’s collection in order to help develop his social skills.


It is important to help him gain confidence in himself and hold high self-esteem by considering competitive or challenging gifts for a 12 year old boy especially when he is at school or with friends. When it comes to gifts, games that encourage competition, especially if it’s in an area he has talent, will bring out his confidence through the thrill of winning. Other gifts such as artistic or craft based can also bring about confidence upon seeing its completion and receiving praise.