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Gifts for 11 Year Old Girls

Gift ideas for 11 year old girls.
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Spontuneous The Song Game

Spontuneous The Song Game

This Amazon bestseller is a fun party game for all the family to play.

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Best gift to buy for an 11 year old girl

Age 11 is an important time for a girl as this is considered the beginning of the developmental stage to becoming an adolescent. During this time you’ll notice changes in personality and certain priorities. When buying a gift it’s a good idea to consider this change and look towards a gift that is more age appropriate as opposed to child-like and so perhaps look more towards accessories or games as opposed to toys.
If this all sounds a bit complicated then don’t worry, we have you covered. After many hours of research we have put together a selection of gifts appropriate for an eleven year old girl.
We’ve based our selection on important developing skills such as creativity, dexterity, knowledge, confidence and social skills. We only select gifts with high popularity, rating, availability, quality and value. Then, once selected we sort them into categories such as brainiac, sporty, creative, musical, adventurer, funny and role-play so you can easily find the right gift for your 11 year old.
Below we have a short description of each of the important developing skills and why they should be considered when buying a gift.


Creativity is a skill for life. There will always be times in life when you need to be creative and assisting development with this from a young age will certainly help as a child becomes an adult. Creativity comes in many forms, not just drawing or painting, but also creative writing, musical talent, innovation, design and even conversation. A creative person can come up with great ideas which is a skill that goes a long way in life. If your 11 year old girl enjoys being creative then you are in luck as there are many gifts to choose from. However, to save you a lot of time searching through them all, we have selected what we believe to be the best and most popular creative gifts that money can buy on the market today.


Dexterity is the physical ability to perform tasks, especially with the hands. This is really important as the hands are used most of the day every day especially as part of most careers. A gift that assists your eleven year old girl’s dexterity will be really beneficial to her in later life, especially if she has a career that requires precise use of the hands such as a doctor, dentist, musician, painter or mechanic. Gifts in this area can be things like crafting kits, coloring books, musical instruments or sewing kits.


It is important to keep her mentally challenged as young brains are different to older brains in that they retain information better. It is important for them to continually learn at this age as they will retain that information for life. Books can make a great gift because there are so many to choose from and it’s easy to find a book with a topic your 11 year old girl takes an interest in so she can learn more on the subject.


During rapid development into adolescence a girl can find social situations a little more complicated than they once were as a child. This can sometimes be a little intimidating, so to prevent your eleven year old girl from losing self-esteem it is important to consider gifts that can give a boost to confidence or contain therapeutic elements or mindfulness. Anything creative can help with this as it’s not only therapeutic to create, but can be a confidence booster upon completion of seeing your craft come to life. Sports and games can also assist with self-esteem and confidence due to the competitive nature and so can install a drive to win.

Social skills

No matter what you do in life you can never go wrong with strong social skills. Encouraging your girl to play with friends and family keeps her socially engaged and so during this she will be developing valuable social abilities. Social skills are the ability to read and understand other people and so be able to easily interact. There are many gifts that encourage social interaction and the more different personalities she interacts with the stronger these skills will become. Multiplayer gifts include things like board games and sports.