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Gifts for 11 Year Old Boys

The best gifts for 11 year old boys
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catch phrase game

Catch Phrase Game

A funny party game where each player has to describe a catch phrase without using any of the words.

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Orion Astro Reflector Telescope

Orion Astro Reflector Telescope

The perfect beginner table-top telescope for any aspirating astronomer.

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Snap Circuits Classic SC-300 Electronics Exploration Kit

Snap Circuits Classic Electronics Exploration Kit

Build over 300 electronics projects from AM radio or touch lamp to lie detector and much more.

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Balancing game for all the family. Add pieces but don't let it topple over!

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What is the best gift for an 11 year old boy?

At 11 years of age your boy is at the beginning of what’s considered the in-between phase. Not quite a teenager but at an age where most gifts he may own from previous years will no longer keep his interest.

At a younger age you probably found it quite easy to buy a gift that would keep him entertained, but as he’s got older his interests have become more specific and in some cases more expensive.

There’s no need to worry! At Good Old Gifts we’ve put in hours of research and put together this guide to help you find the best gifts for an 11 year old boy.

Snap Circuits Classic Electronics Exploration Kit

Bring out his inner genius with the Snap Circuits Classic Electronics Exploration Kit and have endless fun in the process.

With over 300 different electronic projects such as lie detector, touch lamp or AM radio he’ll be endlessly challenged and entertained.

The set contains 60 pieces including a slide switch, resistors, snap wires and capacitors which all snap easily onto the included plastic grid.

No soldering skills or tools required.

Catch Phrase Game

Orion Astro Reflector Telescope

Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game

The gifts we’ve included and how we select them

When choosing the gifts to include this guide we considered the popularity, rating, availability, quality and value. Through this we’ve selected what we believe are the best gifts you can buy for and eleven year old boy.

Although this is a gift guide for 11 year old boys, it is important to know that some of these gifts would be suitable for older or younger age groups and for girls too.

To make sure they appeal to all differing personality types we’ve made sure to pick these gifts from a varied range of categories such as brainiac, sporty, creative, musical, adventurer, funny and role-play.


If your 11 year old boy has a mind for problem solving and tactics then this is the category you’ll want to choose a gift from. There’s so much choice here as the mind can be challenged in pretty much everything you do, so you’ll need to know him to know whether he is more of a reader who likes to enrich his mind with general knowledge and facts or whether he is a tactician who prefers a challenging game. In this category we have covered many different gifts through our age based reviews from board games to fact books and puzzles to science sets.


If your 11 year old boy takes an interest in sport then a sports based gift would be the ideal choice. You may be worried that he already own all the sports based gifts that interest him, but this isn’t always true. Just because he likes football but already owns a football, doesn’t mean you can consider other sports based gifts that gets him out of the house and running around blowing off steam. We’ve spent hours of research looking through sports based products and had to make a short list to find the best, filtering through bikes, scooters, water guns, swimming floats, trampolines, swing-ball, space hoppers, punching bags, basketball hoops and many more.


You’ll know if your boy is creative as you’ll end up finding all sorts of creations from his most imaginative moments, whether that be paintings brought home from school or his inventive Lego structures he has built. What it comes to creativity there really are no limits. If he likes to paint or draw then you can never supply too much paint or sketch books for him to get his ideas down. Similarly with building blocks and Lego, each set can be merged as more pieces collected means bigger ideas can be created. Think creative writing books, construction set building toys, crayon, felt tip, painting sets or coloring books.


Similar to creative, musical covers sound based toys and musical instruments. If he has an interest in music and likes to make a noise then consider anything from dance mats and karaoke sets to kids guitars or drum kits.


If your 11 year old boy likes to get out the house and ‘go places’ chances are he’s the adventurer type. A lot of sports based gifts allow for this, but with adventurer type gifts they allow interaction with the world around them. A bike, scooter or roller blades allow your boy to travel further and at speed getting around quicker. A pair of binoculars allows him to discover things at a distance and a magnifying glass helps him to see small things up close.


If he’s got a good sense of humour, than he’ll love a gift that either entertains his audience or amuses himself. A joke book will have him telling family and friends non stop jokes while certain games will have everyone taking part laughing.

Role play

When it comes to role play, it’s all about pretending or becoming something else. A good use of imagination can be used when playing a certain role. This is great for kids that fancy themselves an aspiring actor. With this you can consider fancy dress or items from a certain character from a theme such as a movie, TV series or game.