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Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls

Gift ideas for 10 year old girls.
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Cinema Light Box With Letters

Let kids decorate their room with a vintage cinema style custom light up message

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

Kids can get instant pictures with this Polaroid camera that’s available in five different colors.

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SISIGAD Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter

The self balancing feature on this hoverboard lets kids ride in minutes with cool LED lights.

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Tonnier Super Soft Nebula Watch

Soft and stylish rubber watch with a nebula face that consists of beautiful colors.

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Unicorn Mini-Rug Sewing Kit

Craft loving kids have hours of fun creating their own mini unicorn rug.

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Women in Science

A fascinating illustrated overview of fifty inspirational women who changed the world in science.

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Gift ideas for a girl age 10

She’s not yet a teenager and not such a small child anymore. Age 10 is the start of the inbetween phase that will last until she turns 13. At this age you’ll need to be careful not to buy gifts that may be considered too ‘childish’ or beneath her as she has now developed to a point where things that once held attention and entertained my seem too simple now due to her enhanced development of important physical, social, creative and intellectual skills.

At Good Old Gifts, our aim is to put in the research for you so you can save time and easily find the right gift for your 10 year old girl. When we select gifts, we always consider the best rated, most popular and trending gifts that are considered safe and from trusted sellers. We also take time to read through the reviews and put together reviews based on thee good and bad points we hear from other buyers.

Below we have put together a list of categories we use when selecting our top gifts and try to make sure we spread evenly selecting gifts from each to make sure that there is something for your 10 year old whatever her interests are.


At age 10 you’ll know if your girl prefers solving a puzzle or reading a book to engaging in sports or playing a musical instrument. If this is the case, we have selected gifts under the ‘brainiac’ category. We consider this to be gifts that challenge the brain and help improve cognitive function in a developing 10 year old girl. There’s lots of gifts to choose from here, so if it’s all a bit overwhelming, take a look at our top recommended gifts on this page and use the brainiac filter to see only those gifts. Other examples of these types of gifts include puzzle and board games, science sets, building sets and books.


Children have incredible imaginations and so most children enjoy being creative. For some this may become less so over time whereas others may stay creative and even grow up to pursue a career in it. When considering a creative gift for your 10 year old girl, remember that she is not as young as she was and so it’s worth checking the age rating because a creative gift for an 8 year old might not engage or challenge her now that she is 10. I’d suggest looking at gifts that keep her entertained and allow her to express her creativity for not just no but years to come.


We’ve chosen to separate musical gifts from the general “creative” category because sound is experienced differently to visual. You’ll know how musically gifted your girl is now and if this is the case consider a musical instrument to keep her entertained and allow her to enhance this talent which will stay with her for life. Not only are musical instruments types of gifts under this category, but also microphones or karaoke sets and even dance mats.

Role play

Girls aged 10 have wild imaginations and some to engage in pretend play whereas others have an interest in a theme or tv show. In these cases you can consider gifts that allow them to engage in role play such as fancy dress or props such as a magical wand or lightsaber.


At age 10 you’ll probably wonder how your little girl has grown so quickly and it wont stop there. This rapid physical development will continue into their teens and all the way to a young adult. To ensure healthy physical development it is recommended that they get quality time outside engaging in active play as opposed to sitting in front of a screen. There are many activities that can be done outside, such as taking part in sports or riding a bike or scooter. We would recommend any gift that might be better used outside, such as roller skates, trampolines, volleyball or a frisbee.


Under this category you would see gifts that allow your 10 year old to go out on an adventure. This would include things like a bike kids camera for example. Anything that gets them out of the house and reduces that screen time is extremely good for their physical development and health.


If your 10 year old girl has a good sense of humour, then a gift under the category of ‘funny’ would not just keep her entertained but even the whole family. Thik of family games like charades or entertaining board games and joke books.