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Gifts for 1 Year Old Girls

Below are our specially selected top gift ideas for 1 year old girls and buyer's guide.
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Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

The happy caterpillar handle makes it easy for kids to carry their classical melodies wherever they go.

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Choosing the Best Gift for a One Year Old Girl

It can be tricky to choose the best gift for a one year old girl. At one year old, they’re not quite a toddler, but have started developing their cognitive and sensory skills much more than a newborn baby. At one year old a child is keen to learn and understand the world, but shouldn’t be overwhelmed with multiple-sensory toys that are too complicated. We think the best gifts are simple, yet bring great enjoyment to the child. Furthermore, they will help the child to develop their senses at this crucial stage in their life.

You won’t expect a one year old girl to play with other children, and any gifts will primarily be used independently. They can, however, engage in simple communication games and parallel play. These, along with independent play are great to help a child’s learning.

If you’re wondering what exactly are the best gifts that they will play with, then we’ve compiled a selection of our favorite gifts for one year old girls. In this list you should find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a cuddly toy, a musical fun toy, some fun building blocks, or something else. Our list follows the experts of child development and we’ve used this to create a range of gifts that follow the best design, safety, fun and sensory development. All the items in this list have been thoroughly researched to meet out selection criteria.When choosing these toys we looked for the following types criteria that are ideal for a 1 year old girl.

Mountain Buggy Pod Highchair

The Mountain Buggy Pod Highchair is one of our favorite items for 1 year olds. It easily clamps onto almost any table as long as it’s solid and not glass. It’s perfect for any parents who like travelling and want a lightweight highchair that’s extremely portable. It weighs just 2.2 pounds and easily folds up in just a few seconds. It also comes with a small bag that you can fold up into to help carry it.

It’s great for getting your 1 year old close to the table and is a more suitable size than many of the typical highchairs that are found in restaurants. If you have any travel plans coming up with your one year old, this should be on your list of baby items to take with you.

What to Look for In a Gift for a One Year Old Girl?

All children have different personalities, so we’ve listed gifts from a range of categories. Despite this,  the gifts focus around some key selection criteria which makes them the best possible choices. Below is a list of the key things to look out for when choosing a gift for a one year old.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive development refers to a mental ability of a child to process information, make decisions, and solve problems. There are many simple gifts that help one year old girls improve their cognitive skills whilst having fun. Building blocks are a great choice here. Simply stacking blocks or laying them out in a line help get a first basic mathematical understandings of the world.


The first and most important thing to consider when choosing a gift for a one year old is the safety of the gift. It mustn’t have any possible hazards. We carefully assess any possible hazards before adding a gift to our list. he gift should be durable and not be easily shattered if it is thrown around.One of the key things to consider is ensuring there is no choking hazard present. Also, there shouldn’t be any toxic materials included within the gift that harm the child. The toys listed here are selected to meet safety criteria, however, parents should still read all instructions and supervise a child when they are playing with a toy.


Limited vocabulary can be frustrating for a one year old as they want to express themselves and communicate. Often she they will do this by making sounds and gestures, so gifts that enable interaction and sound will help this. Gifts that resemble people or animals can also help with communication as a one year old girl will often form a strong relationship with an animal toy or doll. Playing and talking with an inanimate object but giving them a personality is one of the best ways that children develop their communication skills at this early stage in their life.


At one year old, children are still developing their senses. When a child is born, senses are new, so there is a huge amount to learn. Having toys which have lots of bright colors will help familiarize the child with the different colors and help them to understand them and improve their sense of vision. Toys that create sounds will stimulate their sound senses and help them to learn about the very basics of music. Gifts that are different materials or surfaces will help their understanding of touch. A soft cuddly toy will create a very different feeling to a building block, and it’s important that you expose young children to a range of senses so their sensory skills grow.

Psychomotor Skills

Psychomotor development refers to the the relationship between physical movements and the child’s brain. A one year old will be learning very quickly and will be trying out new movements before she eventually learns to walk. Other skills such as hand eye coordination will develop as well. Play items where a child does physical actions that have an immediate response are great for improving psychomotor skills. A good example of a gift that helps improve psychomotor skills is a set of blocks that you can stack up.


One year old is an age where any gifts need to be safe, simple, enjoyable, and help the child develop their basic skills without being too complicated. We’ve taken to time to research a huge range of potential gifts and have selected our favorite based on our selection criteria above. In our list we’ve included gifts and toys from many different categories so we hope you can find the perfect gift for the one year old girl you’re buying it for.