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Gifts for 1 Year Old Boys

Here's our specially selected range of the best gifts and toys for boys aged 1. Our team of parents have chosen the most loved toys that will help improve crucial developmental skills.
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Hungry Pelican Soft Baby Educational Toy

Hungry Pelican Soft Baby Educational Toy

This cuddly pelican is hungry and needs feeding! Choose from 4 squishy sea creatures for its dinner.

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ToBe ReadyForLife Cloth Book

ToBe ReadyForLife Cloth Book

Soft pages, bright colors and a variety of sounds and textures. The perfect first book that's fun and educational.

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very hungry caterpillar plush

Very Hungry Caterpillar Plush

The soft and huggable plush toy brings every kids favorite caterpillar to life.

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What to Look for In a Gift for a One Year Old Boy?

Buying gifts for one year old boys isn’t easy and there’s lots to consider about their stages of development. At one year old, boys aren’t able to engage in complicated toys and are best playing with something that will help to develop basic skills. For this reason, many of the toys include bright colors and sounds. There’s so much more to consider as well, such as which are the longest lasting, the best value, the best rated and the most likely to help with a one year old’s development. This is even harder when you’re trying to pick something for a friend or relative when you don’t have much to go off.

We’ve created a list of out favorite gifts for one year old boys that meet our criteria of being the best and most appropriate. This will make it much easier for you to pick the best gift, whether that’s for your own child or as a birthday or Christmas present, or for the child of a friend of relative.

We’ve researched hundreds of products to find the best toys possible, below is the criteria we use and what to look out for when buying the best possible present for a one year old’s safety, happiness and development.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Plush

Little ones absolutely love this Very Hungry Caterpillar plush toy, inspired by Eric Carle’s storytime favorite “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. The story of the caterpillar is a journey of eating a variety of food before eventually pupating and turning into a butterfly. It’s a great book to teach basics such as counting, days of the week, animal life cycle and more.

This 12” plush brings the caterpillar to life with a soft, huggable toy that your child won’t want to let go of. If your child loves the book, then they’ll love this toy even more – it’s the perfect accompaniment that they can cuddle all day! It’s suitable for ages 6 months and up, it’s made from wipe clean polyester and it’s machine washable.


Safety is obviously the number one consideration when buying any children’s gift. This is especially important for one year olds because they do not have the self awareness to recognize danger themselves, and could easily put small dangerous items in their mouth.

Many toys include a warning that says something like ‘not recommended for children under the age of 3’. This is often because there is a choking hazard. There are plenty of other safety considerations to look out for, such as the item having sharp edges, or including a toxic element. It’s really important that you read instructions before handing over a toy to a one year old. The child should also be supervised by an adult. We’ve ensured that our top gifts for one year old boys are tested for safety and are from trusted manufacturers.

Finally, if your toy requires a battery, ensure that it is firmly secured. I there are any screws used to hold it in place make sure these are fully tightened.


At one year old, boys tend to become more aware of their surroundings. He will start to recognise his parents more easily and respond to his name. Through playing with toys, whether that’s through sound or an educational toy, children can help develop these cognitive skills. A one year old will become more curious about his surroundings. In turn, this will lead to him understanding cause and effect when trying out a new toy.


When a child is just a few months old they will start trying to communicate with their parents and people around them. Gifts that include letters, and gifts that have characters such as animals can help to develop their communication skills.

Motor Skills

By the time boys are one year old, they start to gain more control over their muscles and he will learn to roll over and crawl. Their large muscles groups will grow as they learn to use their legs, but they will also start to develop fine motor control. A one year old will respond well to toys that he can grab onto and play with.  If you can buy a gift that enables the child to squeeze or stack items, this is an excellent way of improving their motor control.


Being creative is essential to a child’s development as it enables them to think of new ideas rather than having to be taught everything. Being creative will also merit rewards as a child start to learn that he can make his own changes in the world. We’ve listed gifts that enable a one year old to use his imagination and creativity. Having this ability to be creative is a crucial skill that needs to be developed at a young age.

Choosing the Right Gift for a One Year Old Boy

These are the key factors to help you choose the best gift. We’ve analysed hundreds of different gifts and picked out our favorites that meet this criteria. We’ve tried to select gifts from different categories, so that each child can develop their full range of senses at this important stage in their life.

About our Top Picks for One Year Old Boys

Here’s a bit more information about the gifts we’ve chosen and what we like about them.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Introduce your baby to music from as young as 36 months with the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical toy. This fun gift is small enough to fit into your baby’s hands and contains classical melodies from the likes of Chopin, Mozart and more. It also has large buttons that allow your baby to switch between the different songs and contains gentle flashing lights that light up to the rhythm of the music enhancing your little one’s audio and video perception

Busy Learners Activity Cube

The Busy Learners Activity Cube is sure to capture the attention and imagination of babies and toddlers with 5 fun, interactive sides to play with. There is a side with spinning shapes (circle, square, star & triangle) with animal pictures on top, another side with spinning letters, one with a spinning ladybug and another with musical instruments – so there’s lots of variety to keep children entertained. The cube has great features and can play 25 songs to sing along with as well as other musical sounds, it has light up buttons and is made from many bright colors. All these features to spin and play with are perfect for teaching babies motor skills as well as understanding cause and effect.

The manufacturer has also tried to make life as easy as possible for parents. There is volume control so you can turn it down if it’s too loud. Also this toy is ready to go out the box, you won’t need to add batteries, use a screwdriver or assemble anything.

Dark Safari Rocker

This seat will allow babies and toddlers to sit or lie in it for sleeping, resting, feeding or playing. It’s a really comfy seat for babies that is easily convertible into a toddler rocker by removing the toy bar. It can be set up in a recline position or set up stationary so it won’t rock so it’s suitable for whatever is most comfortable. There is also a button on the bottom of the seat which when pressed will send gentle vibrations through the seat to help a baby sleep.

On top of seat is a bar with toys to help stimulate the babies senses. Babies will reach out and play with the musical animals to help their basic motor skills.

It’s suitable for toddlers up to 40lbs/18kg so could last you a long time as it’s suitable for a range or ages and weights and can become a favorite place for nap time. Finally, the seat pad is machine washable (always a bonus).

Hungry Pelican Soft Baby Educational Toy

The plush pelican is one of our favorite interactive toys with a beaming smile, orange beak and big blue eyes. Toddlers love role playing toys, and children have great fun in playing the role of feeder with their new companion. The cuddly toy comes with 4 small plush sea creatures – an octopus, crab, fish and shrimp. When they’re put in the mouth they go right into the bird’s belly – and are easy to pull out again so they can carry on playing, which is a great repetitive activity to develop toddlers motor skills.

Everything makes fun noises and notice how the bird’s beak squeaks when you squeeze it. This is a toy that’s fun to cuddle, great to learn about nature and sealife, and helps the child to understand basic cause and effect. Everything is nice and soft with no hard parts so it’s really safe. It’s a toy that kids love playing with time and time again and there’s loads more fun sounds and textures to discover!

Pound & Tap Bench with Xylophone

A fun, multifunctional musical wooden toy is perfect for active children and is great for an introduction to music. Toddlers can create their own music and explore the many sounds and melodies produced by the xylophone in different ways that get them excited about making music.

Kids can bash the balls through the holes in the top of the toy so they land on the xylophone below and slide down it. They can also pull out the xylophone and hit the keys individually to make sounds.

Aside being great fun, the toy acts as a good way to develop hand-eye coordination, strengthen muscles and develop motor skills. It’s designed with safety in mind and all the edges are smoothed and polished so they won’t cause any harm. In fact it’s been so well received that it’s won a number of awards, including the 2018 Cribsie Award of favorite first musical toy to ages 12 months to 3 years.

Tobbles Neo

The bright and colorful Tobbles Neo are one of the most popular and highly recommended childrens toys on the market that won Silver in the Parents’ Choice Award and the ASTRA’s Best Toys for Kids Award. Babies and Toddlers love stacking and toppling things, so these are perfect as they have a wonderful size and texture that helps them do both. They’re easy to stack and you can place the balls at different angles and they will still stack them effectively due to the soft curves at the top of the spheres.

There are 6 dual-color spheres in total, and a base to start building the tower from. The vibrant colors are really aesthetically pleasing which adds to the appeal of the toy for the child. The spheres have a comfy, grippable texture and they are weighted, so they’re perfect for building and toppling. Tobbles Neo have been tried and tested time and time again, they really are great fun to play with and on top of that they help the child in their development of coordination and motor skills.

ToBe ReadyForLife Cloth Book

This is one of our favorite gifts to introduce children into the joy of books and to help parents bond with their baby. It’s the perfect first book for your baby with beautiful bold colors and illustrations. There’s plenty to discover on the adventure through the book and there’s something to interact with on each page, whether it’s a rustling leaf or a squeaking mouse.The range of colors, sound and textures make it a gift that not only helps a baby develop their senses but is also great fun to play with.

This gift withstands firm use as the pages are made from non-toxic premium fabric with extra strong stitching. These pages are quite soft and thick so they can be turned more easily by the baby. It’s also machine washable so it will last longer.