About Us

Good Old Gifts – Helping Friends and Families find the Best Presents for Children Everywhere

Have you ever tried to find the perfect gift for a family member but been overwhelmed by the choices available? It’s especially tough if you haven’t had children before. Good Old Gifts is a blog created by parents who want to help people find the best possible gifts for children.

We have chosen a selection of our favorite gifts on the market for different age groups. Our favorite gifts are fun and cool that they’ll love to play with them. We also factor in which gifts are the best to help the child improve physically, mentally and socially.

Throughout the website you’ll find plenty of information to help you understand the developmental milestones that children go through at different ages, to further help you choose the right gift.

Our team of writers  are devoted to finding the greatest gifts and take a huge pride in helping play a part in the development of children and the growth of strong family bonds. Whether you’re looking to be the uncle that buys the coolest gift for your nephew, or the mum who wants the best toy to help her 3 year old princess’s education – we’ll find the right gift!